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    The Nissan 240SX premiered for the 1989 model year and has stayed on the scene for its efficient performance, compact style, and aftermarket compatibility. The 240SX was a two-door compact that took over for the 200SX in the lineup and used the Nissan S platform, which also produced the Silvia and 180SX. Initially, it was equipped with a 2.4L inline four-cylinder engine capable of 140 horsepower mated to a four-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual. The 240SX was offered as both a coupe and hatchback with three trim levels being made available: the base, LE, and SE, although the hatchback was available in only base and SE. As for early safety features, four-wheel disc brakes were standard on all variants of the model while antilock brakes were only obtainable with the SE trim. In 1991, the 240SX parts were given a redesign. There weren't many changes made to the exterior parts, but the engine was given a boost in horsepower (155 hp). Nissan also released a sports-oriented 240SX, which showed off limited slip differential and ABS brakes.

    1992 welcomed in a convertible version of the Nissan 240SX. Two years later, the 240SX was made available strictly as a convertible and featured a standard four-speed automatic transmission. For 1995, the 240SX parts were redesigned again, this time with more changes than ever before. The wheelbase was extended by two inches while the overall length actually decreased. The convertible and hatchback body styles were discontinued, leaving only the coupe. Also gone were the automatic seatbelts, which were instead replaced by manual seatbelts. Dual airbags were implemented for the first time and the headlights were changed from the previous "pop up" design to a fixed headlamp design. Base models sported 15" wheels and a soft suspension. The SE showed off 16" wheels, a rear-sway bar, and a stiffer suspension. LE models took it a step further with an antitheft system, leather seats, a CD stereo system, and remote-keyless entry.

    In 1997, the 240SX parts were restyled yet again. The exterior of the car was the main target for the changes, as the model was designed with a more aggressive feel than before. The front-end received such new parts, as a bumper, a new hood, new fenders, and redesigned tail lights. More powerful projector headlights were also installed. Side skirts were implemented on both the SE and LE variants of the 240SX. However, production of the model was halted soon after in 1998. During its time on the road, the Nissan 240SX developed a reputation predicated around street-ready style as much as for its sporty compact performance. Even though the model is no longer assembled, it is still a viable presence on the road and retains its popularity for performance-enthused motorists and customizing hobbyists.

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    Reviving the Spirit of the 240SX
    Reviving the Spirit of the 240SX

    While Toyota and Subaru were going to create an affordable sports car, Nissan is intended to present its "affordable sports car" to the market a year earlier than Toyota. The automaker's new 2+2 rear-driver will renovate the spirit of the 240SX. The last mentioned model has gained increased popularity after being discontinued in 1998, mostly because of the popularity of drifting.

    Though the future 2-door model's name is still unknown, it is quite obvious it won't be labeled 240SX or Silvia (its moniker in Japan). What is known for sure is that the model will be the same size as the 370Z with a wheelbase of 104.3 in. The overall length is expected to be 171 in., coming in seat/2+2 form.

    Concerning the engine, it'll be the one with about 1.5 to 1.6 liters of displacement, complete with a small turbocharger. As maintained by the insiders, this small engine will be equipped by VCR PCS, producing up to 225-hp. ("VCR" stands for Variable Compression Ratio). The 240SX successor will incorporate an independent suspension setup found in the 370Z and Infiniti G37 Coupe. The price of the model is expected to be $20,000, beating Toyota nad Subaru sports car to the U.S. market.