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MTX Audio manufactures audio systems and related parts. The company was established about forty years ago, and it is a part of the Mitek Consumer Electronics Group. MTX Audio is family owned, and over the years, it has spread its wings to over 80 countries. Its facilities are located in Phoenix, Arizona, Winslow, Illinois, and Monroe. The company takes pride in being the manufacturer of the Jackhammer Superwoofer, the largest subwoofer in the world.

Irrespective of your car make or model or even the year it was manufactured, this company has all that you need to rejuvenate the audio system in your car. All the parts are made using modern technology and with high tech designs like the Adaptive Class D amplifier technology. Before any product is released into the market, the manufacturer takes time to rigorously test each one of them.

It's no secret that a good car transforms into an entertainment center on wheels when you get MTX Audio. The design and engineering of all products is made bearing in mind the customer to make sure each items delivers and satisfies needs of the car-owners. Even when you need to subject your system to harsh conditions, MTX Audio products serve you fine. The company’s statement ‘Feel the Thunder’ remains true all the time with all products. This is why MTX Audio allow you to hear all the details of the song that is booming from your car.

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1992 Chrysler Le Baron
| Posted by | (Houston, TX)

Mounted these outside in the eaves of a covered porch. Very easy to mount - comes with brackets that allow 2 mounting options - lengthwise or widthwise - and the screws too. Easy bare-wire connection. Sounds great.

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