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Mr. Gasket Performance Group is now the Prestolite Performance Group and is as dedicated as ever to the development of innovative performance products. Prestolite also umbrellas Lakewood Industries, Mallory Ignition, Accel and Mallory Marine. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Gasket is deeply in the heart of the Midwest’s pervasive car culture. That gives them the advantage of cross-pollinating with the Detroit OEMs.

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  • Audio / Video Installation Tools
  • Billet Pedals
  • Brake Hardware
  • Camshafts & Components
  • Chrome Trim
  • Consumables
  • Crankshafts & Components
  • Custom Hoods
  • Cylinder Heads & Components
  • Differentials & Components
  • Doors
  • Engine Blocks & Components
  • Engine Pulleys, Harmonic Balancers
  • Engine Rebuild Kits
  • Engine Trim
  • Engine Valves & Components
  • Euro Headlights
  • Exhaust Clamps, Hangers, Gaskets & Seals
  • Exhaust Manifolds & Components
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Headlight Bezels
  • Intake Manifolds & Components
  • LED Lights
  • Lug Nuts & Locks
  • Miscellaneous Electrical Parts
  • Miscellaneous Engine Parts
  • Miscellaneous Exhaust Parts
  • Miscellaneous Performance Ignition Parts
  • Motor Mounts & Mounting Hardware
  • Mufflers & Resonators
  • Oil Filters & Components
  • Oil Pans, Drain Plugs & Dipsticks
  • Oil Pumps & Components
  • PCV & Breather Components
  • Performance Air Filters
  • Performance Automatic Transmission Flexplates
  • Performance Camshafts
  • Performance Carburetors & Components
  • Performance Clutch Flywheels
  • Performance Clutch Linkages
  • Performance Coil Springs
  • Performance Control Arms
  • Performance Coolant Hoses
  • Performance Coolant Tanks
  • Performance Cooling Fans
  • Performance Crankshafts
  • Performance Cylinder Heads
  • Performance Distributors
  • Performance Engine Blocks
  • Performance Engine Parts
  • Performance Engine Pulleys
  • Performance Engine Rebuild Kits
  • Performance Exhaust Pipes
  • Performance Fuel Filters & Components
  • Performance Fuel Injection System Components
  • Performance Fuel Pressure Regulators & Components
  • Performance Fuel Pumps & Components
  • Performance Fuel System Parts
  • Performance Headers
  • Performance Ignition Systems
  • Performance Intake Manifolds
  • Performance Miscellaneous Transmission Parts
  • Performance Motor Mounts
  • Performance Mufflers
  • Performance Oil Filters & Relocation Kits
  • Performance Oil Pans
  • Performance Oil Pumps
  • Performance Radiators
  • Performance Shocks & Struts
  • Performance Spark Plug Wires
  • Performance Thermostats
  • Performance Throttle Bodies
  • Performance Timing Covers
  • Performance Transmission Mounts
  • Performance Transmission Oil Coolers
  • Performance Transmission Pans
  • Performance Transmission Shifters
  • Performance Valve Covers
  • Performance Valves
  • Performance Valvetrain Parts
  • Performance Water Pumps
  • Replacement Alternators
  • Replacement Batteries
  • Replacement Engine Parts
  • Replacement Exhaust Parts
  • Replacement Hoods
  • Replacement Starters
  • Side Mirrors
  • Signal Lights
  • Timing Covers & Components
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Showing 106-120 of 1303 Products
    Showing 106-120 of 1303 Products

    Whether it’s a traditional cork-and-rubber valve cover gasket for your small-block, a copper exhaust manifold gasket, a racing head gasket or a collector gasket for your headers, Mr. Gasket is known not only for having the correct part for mot applications, but for having the best part for your application. Mr. Gasket’s product lineup includes not only your engine, but your transmission, carburetor and rear end as well.

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    Mr. Gasket is also your first place to look for drivetrain parts and accessories. Whether it’s bolts for a ring gear, a shift knob, a clutch assembly or something as mundane as transmission dowel pins, Mr. Gasket is the first and best place to look. The company is also a major supplier of fuel and air system components, starting with such mundane items as generic fuel filters and chrome air cleaners. But their range also includes race-capable parts like high-capacity fuel pumps, carburetor spacers, air scoops and dash-mounted fuel pressure gauges.

    Need a throwout bearing for your transmission? Or a new flexplate for you Turbo 400? That’s right Mr. Gasket has parts that not only fit properly, but will perform under the harshest racing conditions. Building a show-winning or race-winning car also means much attention to detail. Mr. Gasket is also the best source for things like fuel line fittings, tees or fuel blocks, clamps or a Cool Can to keep your gas cool on hot days at the dragstrip.

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    Average rating:4.54.7 - 9 reviews
    2000 Ford Ranger
    | Posted by | (Taylor, MI)

    Its the only product that keep coolest in and stay in. No leaks. No drips Best radiator cap i ever found thanx.

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