Mitsubishi Endeavor Custom Hoods

    About Mitsubishi Endeavor Custom Hoods

    The world we live in is such a busy place – we are constantly rushing from one place to the next and doing a thousand things at once. Thus, we often forget to give our cars the attention they deserve. It’s quite common for a car owner not to do anything until it is too late and the car breaks down. It is much better to fit your Mitsubishi Endeavor with replacement parts and upgrades on your own time. One of the upgrades you can give your Mitsubishi Endeavor is a new hood.

    At the factory, the Mitsubishi fits its vehicles with standard hoods. They are fine, but when you compare them to the custom hoods found at, the factory-installed hoods are seriously lacking. The Mitsubishi Endeavor custom hoods which are displayed on our digital shelves are high-quality products. Manufactured by such well-known names as Carbon Creations, Xenon, RKSport, Duraflex, and Seibon, these custom hoods are built to serve you for many years to come. If you want a hood that will keep your engine nice and cool, you will probably like a cowl hood. This hood is designed in such a way that the outside air is sucked into the engine compartment. This keeps the temperature under the hood lower than it would have been with a regular hood.

    When the time to replace your damaged hood comes, we'll be here for you with our exhaustive selection of factory-style hoods. And if you are ready to spice up the style of your vehicle, you'll definitely find what you need within our ever-expanding range of custom products. Available in carbon fiber and fiberglass, the custom hoods that we stock will not only give your vehicle a special look but will also add to its performance because of the uber light weight of the applied materials. Still have doubts? If you're not sure whether you need this upgrade or not, you can always rely on the experience of other customers. Just look through 4 custom hood reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find a product that will meet your needs and budget.

    Customer Reviews
    2004 Mitsubishi Lancer
    Posted by

    "Product is excellent, was a direct bolt on and installed with no problems."

    2008 Mitsubishi Evolution
    Posted by

    "This hood is so lightweight and looks so smooth on the car I would recommend it for anyone with the Evo."