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The exciting and athletic Eclipse first appeared stateside in 1990, becoming an instant hit among the driving enthusiasts. Designed by Mitsubishi to compete with traditional domestic rear-wheel drive sport coupes and similar vehicles from rival Japanese automakers, the Eclipse hit a sweet spot between raw engine muscle, handling in tight corners and visual style. Available in several trims ranging from a front-wheel drive GS with an atmospheric engine to the top-of-the-line GSX, boasting four-wheel drive and a turbocharged powerplant, the Eclipse is a desirable and rewarding car in its every incarnation.

The Eclipse is a stylish and competent car when it comes to revving up the engine and letting it loose on the road, and its interior is well designed and suits it just fine. But here and there a touch of customization can’t hurt, considering you’ll be spending so much time behind the wheel of your Mitsubishi. To that end we’ve got a variety of Mitsubishi Eclipse interior parts in our store, ranging from high-grade switch and knob sets and cigarette lighters to custom pedal pad sets and seat slider rails. Check these goodies out and outfit your car with the top-quality aftermarket parts we provide.

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It's a great irony of vehicle ownership that while we're proud of our car's style, and want to show it off by washing and waxing it until it's gleaming, we can hardly see the outside of it while driving down the road. Instead, from behind the wheel, we've got hands and feet on all the various controls. In addition to the obvious ones (steering wheel and pedals),...
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