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    Close-up at the Mitsubishi’s New Engine Technologies

    This Thursday, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. announced introduction of two new technologies, a new engine and an enhanced version of the Auto Stop & Go technology, which will boost efficiency in the Lancer and Outlander Sport lineup by 12%.

    The new engine, which dubs the 4J10 MIVEC and replaces the 4B10, will come with the next-generation variable valve timing, which will reduce piston friction and enhance combustion stability. The engine in fact combines Mitsubishi’s two existing valve-timing systems into one. When combined with the improved idle-stop system, the new engine delivers a 12% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous engines.

    Both technologies will be introduced on the Outlander Sport crossover, on the Lancer Sportback and Lancer sedan. The improvements will first become available on 1.8-L engine and only in Japan before heading overseas. It is yet unclear whether they'll reach the USA, where the company offers only 2.0- and 2.4-L engines in Lancer and Outlander Sport. Trying to meet rigorous emissions standards, Mitsubishi aims to improve the fleet's efficiency 25% by 2015.

    Mitsubishi Opened Solar-Powered Vehicle Charging Station
    Mitsubishi Opened Solar-Powered Vehicle Charging Station

    Yesterday Mitsubishi finalized one of its major projects, which demonstrates the company's readiness to electric vehicle production. A solar-powered vehicle station is now ready to charge the electric vehicles. It is the first and currently the only one station of such type in Cypress, California. This project is a joint work of Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Electric. Depending on the voltage required, a driver is welcome to choose among three types of chargers. Using the standard level charger with 110 will take 22 hours to charge a vehicle for 100%. The charger of the second level with 220 v requires only six hours. Also this charging station is equipped with sCHAdeMO Quick Charger. A driver will spend only 25-30 minutes for charging procedure.

    "This project will build awareness of solar power's versatility and efficiency," said Katsuya Takamiya, president and chief executive officer, Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA. "As electric vehicles' popularity grows, we expect to see more charging stations at large employers, automobile dealerships, shopping centers and schools, where cars can charge while people work, shop or study."

    Step by Step Mitsubishi proves the company has strong commitment to green technologies. Under the global plans of the company, about eight battery-powered, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles will be unveiled by 2015. Two out of eight cars are on their way to the U.S. In the first quarter of 2012 the Japanese automaker is going to deliver its i-MiEVs, while in 2013 the automotive market will meet the Outlander Sport plug-in hybrid.

    Mitsubishi in the Guinness Book of Records
    Mitsubishi in the Guinness Book of Records

    Mitsubishi has got a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records with an extraordinary online campaign for its 2011 Outlander Sport.

    It was the Live Drive event that allowed the Japanese automaker to earn the prestigious award. During November 1-10, 2010, visitors to participated in the world’s first virtual test drive using their keyboards to control the Outlander Sport in real time. As a result, the crossover was driven 91 miles around the course in Southern California and that was enough to earn Mitsubishi an actual world record for the "Farthest Drive by an Online Controlled Vehicle in 24 Hours."

    According to a press release from the Massachusetts dealer Quirk Mitsubishi, the innovative online promotion provoked high demand for the 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, which in its turn contributed to the company’s sales success (year-over-year growth of 47% in November, 2010).

    Mitsubishi have officially thanked everyone (nearly 5,000 people from all 50 states) who helped them set the record, even those 38 drivers who spent the entire time doing donuts.