Mile Marker® 75-50058C - Low Pressure Hydraulic Winch 9000 lbs

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Universal Low Pressure Hydraulic Winch 9000 lbs by Mile Marker®. Low Pressure Application. Designed for operating with lower pressure hydraulic systems than cannot produce the 1,500 psi needed for traditional hydraulic winches, this winch is designed to work effectively with as little as 900 psi. With a low gear for heavy pulling, and 100 feet of 3/8th-inch thick cable, this powerful low pressure winch will pull all day without overheating. Available with your choice of separate, sealed solenoid unit than can be submerged in water or a solenoid that’s integrated with the winch.

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  • Designed to operate with as little as 900 psi hydraulic pressure
  • 14 cubic inch motor uses hydraulic pressure supplied by your vehicle's power steering pump
  • Can be installed anywhere on your vehicle with a permanent or detachable setup
  • Fitted as original equipment on Hummers by the United States military
  • 100 feet of 3/8th-inch thick steel cable
  • 2-gear differential provides a low gear for heavy pulling and a high gear for faster pulling of standard items
  • All adapters and parts necessary for fitment to your vehicle's power steering pump are included
  • Automatic load holding brake keeps clutch lever engaged to avoid cable free-spooling back suddenly
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

If your compact vehicle has a smaller power steering pump that does not produce the 1,500 psi of pressure traditional hydraulic winches need, the Mile Marker 9,000 pound Low Pressure hydraulic winch is designed to work effectively at fluid pressure levels as low as 900 psi. Its purpose-built design will deliver without letdown due to advanced design and corrosion-free construction that maintains integrity in any climate. When using your winch back and forth at unusual angles is the only option, longer periods of operation won't be a problem because this low-pressure hydraulic winch installs quickly and easily to your own vehicle's power steering pump. Once both sets of lines have been hooked up, it can be used non-stop all day long without overheating. All instruction, adapters, and parts necessary for hookup are included.

If you've ever been in a sticky situation on the trails where your vehicle was unexpectedly submerged in water or sinking into swampy mush, you know time is money when it comes to pulling yourself out. Getting your winch hooked up quickly and pulling yourself out faster can make the difference between zero vehicle damage and total loss. A differential with a separate low-speed gear gives you the torque you need to pull heavy loads over difficult terrain, and 100 feet of 3/8th-inch thick steel cable gives you the reach you need to get the job done in one shot. For those that need a winch that can be submerged in water, choose the Discrete Solenoid version with a separate, sealed solenoid unit than can be detached from your vehicle and used remotely. For those that prefer the more streamlined design of a 1-piece design, we offer the Integrated Solenoid version that mounts permanently on your vehicle. To ensure durability, all parts are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials with no chrome that can tarnish, flake, or pit.

Brand: Mile Marker       Part Number: 75-50058C       UPC: 758626755582
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Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, Mile Marker® is a premiere supplier of electric winches, locking hubs, hub conversion kits, and other to the most demanding of customers: The United States military, and vehicle manufacturers. CARiD brings the high quality of Mile Marker products to our customers with values that can't be beat. When it comes to innovation, Mile Marker has always been a step ahead relentlessly engineering and developing new products that can meet the most demanding needs and tough situations. Whether you need to winch 2,500 pounds or 15,000 pounds for your ATV or 4x4, Mile Marker is the name for reliability you can count on when you're on the trails.

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