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You pride yourself on keeping your vehicle clean, washing it often and applying the best paint care waxes and polishes. But if you are content to clean dirt and dust from its interior using only a Dustbuster or traditional household vacuum cleaner, you’re not getting the effective results you think. CARiD offers you the ability to actually clean the interior of your car the way it deserves with the Metropolitan (MetroVac®) line of light-weight, compact vacuum cleaners.

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    The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company was founded in New York in 1939, and the company has created a number of innovative firsts over the decades as it has grown. MetroVac introduced the first 110 volt hand-held vacuum cleaner in 1957, the first 12-volt automotive hand-held vacuum that plugged into cigarette lighters in 1964, and shortly after, developed the first hand-held vacuum cleaner that was designed for dual use in both cigarette lighters and home outlets. From the 1980's, MetroVac has branched into specialty vacuum products for pet grooming, computers, laser printers, and more.

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    In our MetroVac® section, you will be impressed with the products offered, because you have never seen anything like them before. Powerful vacuums equipped with tools and accessories designed just for the automotive enthusiast make it possible to reach into and behind the most hard-to-access areas, and the level of suction can easily vacuum heavy grime off of engine areas easily and safely. 500-watt vacuum cleaners that weigh less than three pounds, produce four horsepower, and achieve supreme 95 inches of water lift are years out of reach for most manufacturers.

    Unlike many organizations that sell automotive parts and accessories, CARiD’s standards are as high as yours are. That’s why we only use vendors with a proven history of customer satisfaction and quality control such as Metropolitan. Our employees test the products we sell on their own vehicles to ensure we know which brands deliver and which ones make empty promises. We have made every effort to provide as much information as possible on the range of MetroVac products on our site, and we will make every effort to help answer any specific questions you have with our specialists that are available seven days a week.

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    Posted by Ricky (Toronto, ON) /

    Best vac so far I have owned.

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