Metra® PR2000-0001 - Smart Cable (16 Pin, Pioneer 2000 Series, Black Plug)

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Metra® - Smart Cable (16 Pin, Pioneer, Black Plug)Metra® - Smart Cable (16 Pin, Pioneer, Black Plug)Metra Authorized Dealer
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Universal Smart Cable (16 Pin, Pioneer 2000 Series, Black Plug) (PR2000-0001) by Metra®. This harness plugs into the back of aftermarket stereos to permit you to integrate it into your vehicle. Just splice the wires to your vehicle harness.

Notes: Will Fit Following Stereo Models: DEH-10, DEH-11, DEH-11E, DEH-12, DEH-13, DEH-14, DEH-15, DEH-16 , DEH-17, DEH-21, DEH-23, DEH-24F, DEH-27, DEH-27MP, DEH-31, DEH-34, DEH-40DH, DEH-41, DEH-42, DEH-43, DEH-43DH, DEH-45DH, DEH-46DH, DEH-48, DEH-49, DEH-50DH, DEH-52, DEH-53DH, DEH-55DH, DEH-58, DEH-59, DEH-59DH, DEH-65DH, DEH-66DH, DEH-68, DEH-120, DEH-130, DEH-140, DEH-210, DEH-225, DEH-230, DEH-235, DEH-240F, DEH-245, DEH-270, DEH-310, DEH-325, DEH-335, DEH-340, DEH-345, DEH-410, DEH-425, DEH-435, DEH-445, DEH-525, DEH-525W, DEH-635, DEH-1000, DEH-1100, DEH-1100MP, DEH-1150, DEH-1200, DEH-1300, DEH-1350, DEH-1400, DEH-1500, DEH-1600, DEH-1650, DEH-1700, DEH-1800, DEH-1900MP, DEH-2000MP, DEH-2100, DEH-2100IB, DEH-2150, DEH-2300, DEH-2350, DEH-2400F, DEH-2450F, DEH-2600, DEH-2700, DEH-2800MP, DEH-3100, DEH-3150, DEH-3400, DEH-3600, DEH-3700MP, DEH-4100, DEH-4150, DEH-4600, DEH-5600, DEH-6500, DEH-6600, DEH-7600, DEH-8600, DEH-P8MP, DEH-P20, DEH-P25, DEH-P26, DEH-P30, DEH-P33, DEH-P35, DEH-P40, DEH-P41, DEH-P43, DEH-P44, DEH-P45MP, DEH-P47DH, DEH-P54, DEH-P63, DEH-P73, DEH-P74MP, DEH-P75DH, DEH-P76DH, DEH-P77DH, DEH-P80MP, DEH-P85DHR, DEH-P86DHR, DEH-P90HDD, DEH-P200, DEH-P250, DEH-P300, DEH-P310UB, DEH-P330, DEH-P350, DEH-P350MP, DEH-P360, DEH-P370MP, DEH-P390MP, DEH-P400, DEH-P400UB, DEH-P401HD, DEH-P410UB, DEH-P430, DEH-P450MP, DEH-P460MP, DEH-P470MP, DEH-P480MP, DEH-P490IB, DEH-P500UB, DEH-P510UB, DEH-P540, DEH-P545, DEH-P545-W, DEH-P550MP, DEH-P560MP, DEH-P570MP, DEH-P600UB, DEH-P625, DEH-P630, DEH-P640, DEH-P650, DEH-P660, DEH-P670MP, DEH-P690UB, DEH-P700BT, DEH-P725, DEH-P725R, DEH-P725W, DEH-P730, DEH-P735, DEH-P740MP, DEH-P750MP, DEH-P760MP, DEH-P770MP, DEH-P780MP, DEH-P790BT, DEH-P800BT, DEH-P800PRS, DEH-P825, DEH-P835R, DEH-P835RW, DEH-P840MP, DEH-P850MP, DEH-P860MP, DEH-P880PRS, DEH-P930MP, DEH-P940MP, DEH-P960MP, DEH-P980BT, DEH-P1300, DEH-P2000, DEH-P2000R, DEH-P2300, DEH-P2500, DEH-P2600, DEH-P2900MP, DEH-P3000, DEH-P3000IB, DEH-P3000R, DEH-P3300, DEH-P3370XM, DEH-P3450, DEH-P3500, DEH-P3550MP, DEH-P3600, DEH-P3700, DEH-P3700MP, DEH-P3800MP, DEH-P4000, DEH-P4000R.



  • Mates directly with the stereos
  • Permits integration with car harness
  • Prewired
  • Simplifies aftermarket stereo installation

Just plug this Metra harness into the back of your custom head unit to connect to all of the inputs and outputs. Check application chart for suitability.

Brand: Metra       Part Number: PR2000-0001       UPC: 086429072439
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Metra has been a leader in the Car Audio business for over 50 years. With their various brands, including Axxess Integrate, Connects2, Raptor, Shuriken batteries, Tsunami, Install Bay installation hardware and the Metra Home Theater group, Audio Solutions, Ballistic and Ethereal, Metra has a solution for every car audio and home theater problem. Metra says if you can see one of their products, they’re not doing their job. That means they’re committed to making your car audio installation as seamless and simple as possible.

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