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    Goodbye Mercury! The Last Grand Marquis Rolled Off the Line
    Goodbye Mercury! The Last Grand Marquis Rolled Off the Line

    Although FoMoCo officially announced the cease of the Mercury line back in June 2011, the last Mercury has left Ford's plant in St. Thomas, Ontario just a few days ago. Initially the final Mercury was planned to be completed by the new year, but heavy snowstorms put off production terms.

    The Grand Marquis has been produced at the St. Thomas plant for 25 years. Since the model's debut in 1938, its sales volumes have exceeded 21 million units. According to Ford's spokesperson Marcey Evans, the automaker is eliminating Mercury to concentrate on two main branches, Ford and Lincoln.

    With this step Ford has given up its another attempt to cater for every purse and purpose by splitting the lineup into multiple brands. The other domestic automotive movers and shakers, GM and Chrysler, have also tried to capture different customer groups and many of their entries failed to succeed, too. Thus, Chrysler has killed Eagle and Plymouth, while GM has cast off Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer, Saab and Oldsmobile.