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    Mercury Montegos Should Be Brought Back to Dealerships
    Mercury Montegos Should Be Brought Back to Dealerships

    As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2,945 Mercury Montego sedans should be brought back to the dealerships to receive a treatment free of charge due to the problem with fuel tank. The list of the affected sedans embrace the vehicles produced from September 5, 2006 through September 11, 2006. The auto producer will start to recall the Mercury Montego units in the middle of August.

    “The fuel tanks may not have consistent welds between the fuel tank and fuel filler neck spud which can affect the strength of the joint. Some fuel tanks spud welds may not provide the expected strength in the event of a severe rear impact to the vehicle. An improper weld can result in a crack in the joint which could illuminate the emissions malfunction indicator light, cause a fuel odor, or allow fuel to leak out,” stated the safety agency.

    Ford says there have not been any notification about the injuries, fires or accident, related to this recall. However, some owners of the sedans mentioned in the warranty claims that there was a leakage in the fuel tank. In case the fuel tanks were replaced by a vehicle's owner prior to the recall, a dealership is obliged to do it once again. This spare part was made at the Visteon, a Ford's manufacturing plant in Chicago, which was in charge for production of fuel tanks. This facility is no longer in operation.