About Mercury Grand Marquis

    In 1983 the Mercury division of the Ford company produced a full-sized sedan, named the Mercury Grand Marquis. The nameplate was used since 1975 as premium trim level of Mercury Marquis, but 8 years later,in 1983, the Grand Marquis became a separate model. During its production the Grand Marquises were equipped with 4.6L, 4.9L and 5.8L V8 engines producing power output from 210 up to 239hp. Featuring six-passenger bench seating and rear-wheel drive this car was one of the last Landyachts.

    Between 1983 and 2011 there were released four generations of Grand Marquis vehicles and every generation received new modifications in the design or in the mechanic parts. The first generation of the Grand Mercury as a separate model was introduced in 1982. The only modifications made in the original version were the replacement of the two-barrel carburetor with Central Fuel Injection, new taillights, and a new grille. At that time three body styles were in use: a 2-door sedan, a 4-door sedan, and a station wagon, and they were all equipped with the 4.9 L 5.0 Windsor V8 engine only. After 1986 this model was available with 5.8 L Windsor V8, but it was a rare option.1992 appeared the second-generation of the Grand Marquis, featuring a more rounded and aerodynamic shape. Other modifications included such Mercury parts as formal roofline, full-width taillights, and chrome waterfall grille. The third generation introduced in 1998 faced minor interior changes, still got more optional features.

    The modern Grand Marquis produced in 2003-2010 in addition to the new body style received a new engine designed by the Ford company. It was a 4.6L V8 providing the power over 210hp, paired with 4-speed automatic gear-box only. Safety systems, ABS and traction control were included into the standard package, only the passenger-side airbag was installed optionally. The year 2010 was the 35th year of Grand Marquis production, thus it became the longest-produced Mercury.

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