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The Mercury Cougar is supposed to be a normal town car that effectively gives you all that you need. That is if you don’t expect much from a car. However, this car will surprise you with its sporty torque and almost perfect handling capability. This will be made even more ideal when you visit CARiD and fit a new set of Mercury Cougar tires on the car. There are plenty of tires that you can choose at this shop. Among the tire brands featured include Toyo, General, Continental, Dunlop, Achilles and BFGoodrich. When taking that trip in the middle of summer, all you need to do is buy a set of any of these tires to have yourself a very comfy and safe journey. There are also winter tires as well as all season tires. Different materials are used to make each and every type of tire here, thus making them very solid and ideal for that specific terrain or weather.

Safety, comfort, style and value for money are what the tires at CARiD online emphasize on. The safety cache of these tires includes the tire pressure monitor system (TPMS). This is an electronic system that enables you to know of the pressure in each of the tires while you drive. It is known to reduce the number of accidents a lot. With 60 types to choose from at, you stand the best chance of getting the best set of tires for your Mercury Cougar. The tire sizes also vary in size and you have the option of fitting 14” to 17” tires on your Cougar. The professional services that you are accorded at the shop will make your shopping experience one to savor. The personnel are highly trained and will always pay full attention to all of your needs. What is more, the staff will appropriately guide you through the purchasing process.

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If you’re looking to improve the off-road capability of your 4X4, or simply want to give it a tougher look, larger, more aggressive tires are most likely on your wish list. To accommodate the larger tire, we’ll need to increase the height between the vehicle frame and the axles with a lift kit. Here are several advices to get the right lift kit.
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Replacing a standard size steel wheel with the same size of cast light alloy wheel improves performance and road-holding considerably, without any reduction in comfort. Further improvement in road-holding comes with increased wheel size, combined with a corresponding reduction in the height of the tire walls, a procedure called “Plus-Sizing”.

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1999 Mercury Cougar | Posted by Earl | (Seattle, WA)

I live in the northwest and it rains all the time, so I have a lot of experience with wet traction and hydroplaning. I have not had enough time to evaluate the wear characteristics of the tires, but so far they have provided a smooth, quiet ride with superior wet traction and very good dry traction.

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