Mercury Cougar Performance Suspension

The prime goal of a car's suspension is to make driving smoother while allowing excellent control of a car. This might seem an easy task. But when a vehicle moves down the road, potholes and bumps cause onward energy to convert into vertical energy. Without coil or / and leaf springs that can absorb it, the vehicle would jump up losing the contact with the road and becoming uncontrollable. The ride would turn out to be not just unpleasant, but also very dangerous. You don't want this for your Mercury Cougar luxurious coupe. Often advertised with the use of big cats, the Cougar is meant to be fast as a hunting-cat and to ride softly as if on cat's paws. takes a dare to supply the Mercury Cougar of any model year with the parts for its suspension system, which was mostly all-independent throughout the Cougar's model cycle. Let us write a few words about the site before you start exploring it yourself. Among the brands we cooperate with, there are the names familiar to all car enthusiasts, namely, Daystar, Energy Suspension, ReadyLIFT, Suncore, and others. The items include quality suspensions and elements, like leveling kits, air suspension, control arms, bushings, shocks, and struts. We offer a price match guarantee; more about this policy and the procedure you can read in the corresponding section. Or simply call us toll free to ask any question about products or purchase process at!

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    • Eibach® Pro Lowering Kit
      (14 reviews)
      Pro Lowering Kit by Eibach®. This is the Pro System kit replacement performance-oriented coil springs, shock absorbers, and bump stops. “Plus” kits add front and rear sway bars, and some include end links depending on vehicle...
      $87.95from $70.36 - $2,138.15
      # 1278
    • Air Lift® Load Support Air Springs
      (9 reviews)
      Load Support Air Springs by Air Lift®. Load Support Air Springs are sets of two adjustable secondary air springs that help existing springs maintain a level ride, proper handling, and safety when weighed down by heavy loads. For...
      $128.56from $102.85 - $499.00
      # 1609
    • Lakewood® Shocks and Struts
      (1 reviews)
      Shocks and Struts by Lakewood®. When you need to get reliable components to bring your vehicle's suspension or chassis back to life, there's no better place to get them than right here. Whether you need bell housings, drag shocks,...
      $63.18from $50.54 - $160.47
      # 3033
    • ST Suspensions® Anti-Sway Bar Kit
      (11 reviews)
      Anti-Sway Bar Kit by ST Suspensions®. When tuning your vehicles suspension, there are many ways to change your vehicles handling characteristics. Springs, Dampers and alignment all play huge parts in affecting how your vehicle...
      $138.11from $110.49 - $436.00
      # 2832
    • Air Lift® SmartAIR™ Automatic Leveling System
      (0 reviews)
      SmartAIR™ Automatic Leveling System by Air Lift®. This kit includes an air pump, magnetic height sensors, wiring, harnesses, and all hardware needed to inflate or deflate air springs to adjust vehicle ride height. Available with...
      $515.00from $412.00 - $734.99
      # 1616
    • Air Lift® Wireless Control System
      (3 reviews)
      Wireless Control System by Air Lift®. These kits include a compact wireless remote control and all the equipment you need to adjust the pressure in two air springs on the same axle. Choose the value-priced Equal Inflation kit that...
      $459.38from $367.50 - $524.99
      # 1619
    • Koni® STR.T Shocks
      (6 reviews)
      STR.T Shocks by Koni®. Ready for the road? For curves? For adrenalin? For fiercely defined ideal lines and every amount of centrifugal force? Company know what excites you. With the introduction of the STR.T sport damper, we give...
      $54.33from $43.46 - $144.02
      # 3955
    • Lakewood® Control Arms
      (0 reviews)
      Adjustable Control Arms by Lakewood®. When you need to get reliable components to bring your vehicle's suspension or chassis back to life, there's no better place to get them than right here. Whether you need bell housings, drag...
      $134.01from $107.21 - $279.16
      # 3037
    • ST Suspensions® Coil Springs
      (3 reviews)
      Coil Springs by ST Suspensions®. Suspension Techniques Sport Springs are available for an extensive range of applications in multiple lowering options; each one specifically engineered for optimal performance and comfort. Improve...
      $163.63from $130.90 - $509.99
      # 2833
    • Eibach® Anti-Roll Sway Bar
      (1 reviews)
      Anti-Roll Front Sway Bar by Eibach®. Eibach offers premium, one-piece front and rear steel sway bars that reduce side-to-side body roll around turns, enhance grip, and reduce unwanted weight transfer that causes slower cornering...
      $45.64from $36.51 - $617.90
      # 3581
    • Belltech® Anti-Sway Bars
      (3 reviews)
      Anti-Sway Bars by Belltech®. Boost the handling of your vehicle to more sophisticated levels with premiere one-piece sway bar from Belltech. Balanced for neutral steering and precise turn-in response, these bars reduce...
      $84.50from $67.60 - $525.59
      # 3096
    • Energy Suspension® Stabilizer Bar Bushings
      (2 reviews)
      Sway Bar Bushings by Energy Suspension®. These are sets of 2 replacement polyurethane bushings designed to exceed factory OEM levels of vibration dampening and support at the points where your front or rear factory sway bar...
      $9.08from $7.26 - $72.72
      # 2517
    • Eibach® Pro-Spacer Kit
      (3 reviews)
      When you need to position your wheels further outward for a more aggressive look or to clear wheel well liners, Eibach wheel spacers provide a balanced, OEM-quality fit without looseness or vibrations. Aluminum construction ensures...
      $64.63from $51.70 - $213.46
      # 7602
    • Hellwig® Street Performance Adjustable Sway Bars
      (0 reviews)
      Street Performance Adjustable Sway Bars by Hellwig®. Hellwig offers front sway bars designed for lowered trucks or other performance-oriented vehicles. Effectively reduces side-to-side body roll around turns, enhances tire grip,...
      $116.75from $93.40 - $240.99
      # 3750
    • Bilstein® B6 Series Shocks
      (2 reviews)
      B6 Series Shocks by Bilstein®. BILSTEIN B6 gas pressure shocks and struts are designed to mount in the stock location on a range of passenger cars. This superior design increases performance and handling while maintaining an...
      $89.09from $71.27 - $781.97
      # 4279

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