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The Ford Motor Company’s brand slotted between the parent marque and the Lincoln luxury division as the manufacturer of more upscale and desirable vehicles than common Fords, Mercury has had its share of unique and enjoyable offerings. As much as the brand was appreciated for its roster of classy and upscale people movers, some of the Mercury’s models like the fast and agile Comet and the sleek and stylish Cougar became extremely popular among more performance-minded drivers. The 70’s Cougar is still one of the most coveted pony cars of the era and an invariable restoration project target.

If you own a classic Mercury you sure know how hard it is to keep the high-mileage car’s chassis in good shape. The chassis frame is the critical part of your vehicle, and the operation of all its components, like the drivetrain, suspension, brakes and even tires, heavily depends on the ruggedness and dimensional rigidity of the frame. To restore your car to its true glory we’ve got a variety of Mercury chassis frames, windshield and door glass frames, various frame rails and necessary mounting hardware. The quality of the precisely designed and skillfully crafted replacement parts we provide is guaranteed by years of experience our suppliers have in the aftermarket business.

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