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    Few cars can beat the luxury, sophistication and performance of the Mercedes S Class. This car is fitted with the state-of-the-art technology, a luxurious cabin and an assortment of safety features. It has a huge space at the back offering ample legroom for its passengers. The ride quality is superb while handling is quite impressive. Its strong engine creates tremendous towing potential. Attaching a trailer will help solve a great majority of your haulage needs. You will need a trailer hitch from CARiD to connect your car to the trailer. CARiD stocks a wide range of trailer hitches to suit the needs of different customers. They stock weight-distribution hitches and weight-carrying hitches for small and medium trailers. Load distribution needs serious consideration before embarking on your journey. Trailers typically transfer 10% of their weight onto the trailer tongue. You need a hitch that facilitates even weight distribution to enhance vehicle stability.

    As such, a weight-distribution hitch would aptly perform this task because it has a spring bar mechanism that transfers some weight to the front axle. A weight-carrying hitch requires an equalizing hitch to transfer some weight to the front tires. Mercedes S Class trailer hitches are designed to guarantee precision. Each trailer hitch is designed to fit a specific vehicle make and model. As such, your Mercedes S Class also has a hitch designed specifically for its usage. Trailer hitches come completely welded and ready for installation with minimal resistance. The installation process is simple and can easily be carried out at home. It only involves a set of the proper tools and an instruction manual to guide you on the process. CARiD also provides accessories that you will need to set up the hitch. They also guarantee the quality of their products by providing a nationwide limited warranty against defects in quality and workmanship.

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    When you’re setting up your trailer with a new tow vehicle, several things need to be considered: the ball mount and ball must be rated to take the weight, and the ball has to be at the right height. Once you have determined the proper weight class, choose a ball mount of a high enough class for your trailer, and set up your ball mount and ball for proper towing....
    Mercedes S Class was available in the following models:
    230 • 240D • 280CE • 280E • 280S • 280SE • 300CD • 300D • 300SD • 300SDL • 300SE • 300SEL • 300TD • 350SD • 350SDL • 380SE • 380SEC • 380SEL • 380SL • 380SLC • 400SE • 400SEL • 420SEL • 450SE • 450SEL • 450SL • 450SLC • 500SEC • 500SEL • 560SEC • 560SEL • 560SL • 600SEC • 600SEL • S320 • S350 • S400 • S420 • S430 • S450 • S500 • S55 AMG • S550 • S600 • S63 AMG • S65 AMG and submodels: Base • 6.9 • LWB • SWB • Bluetec 4Matic • Hybrid • 4Matic • Guard • Kompressor