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    There plenty of auto parts suppliers out there who'll try to convince you that since you're driving a high-end 'European' luxury vehicle, you should expect maintenance and repairs to be expensive too. Not only is that a silly notion, but very false too. Sure, as an American, we expect to pay more for imported vehicles, but with such a massive aftermarket attached to the automotive industry, you don't have to “expect” to pay more when parts of your Mercedes needs replacing. Fuel delivery components are prone to failure, and we just happen to have all the major (and many minor) parts you'll need for your Mercedes' fuel delivery system.

    While the storage tank and lines generally fair quite well for many years of service; the fuel pump, filter, seals and even the injectors will need periodic replacement. The complex systems on Mercedes vehicle make parts like the fuel filter an essential maintenance item. Changing this part regularly protects the fuel pump from high pressures resulting from blockages in the line, and the engine from dangerous particulates entering the combustion chamber. Buy a filter today, at a discount, from your choice of top-quality manufacturers: Hengst, Mann-Filter, Gates, and Bosch all made long-lasting fuel filters that are OE-level quality. Need a new pump for your Mercedes? Look to Bosch, VDO, Pilot, and Genuine for lower-cost aftermarket pumps that are easy to install, drop-in replacements.

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    Fuel injectors spray fuel directly into your engine’s cylinders during the intake stroke when a piston moves down to allow air and fuel to fill the cylinder chamber. When injectors are malfunctioning, leaking, or have failed completely, they will cause rough engine performance, poor idle, reduced power and economy, and exhaust that’s rich enough in unburned...

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    1997 Mercedes C Class
    | Posted by | (Burnsville, MN)

    I bought this pump after doing a great deal of on-line info searching. I installed it on a 1997 Mercedes. It is very quiet and works exactly as expected.

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