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    The Mercedes-Benz CLS  Interior Changes
    The Mercedes-Benz CLS Interior Changes

    According to a review appeared in Auto Express, the designers of Mercedes-Benz CLS continue to delight the public with new changes. They've put forth an effort to design a new fascinating interior the same stylish as the exterior. The new model has the improved, beautifully built dashboard that features elegant trim elements and premium finish.

    "A column-mounted gear change results in an uncluttered center console that stretches all the way to the rear of the interior, making the Mercedes a strict four-seater," the review mentioned.

    The sales of the new Mercedes CSL have increased by 12,7 per cent during the first three month of 2011, compared with the last year. Since October 2004, it is known that the CSL-class has been the car of choice for around 170,000 buyers worldwide.