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    Stay on Track with the CL-Class' Corrective Braking
    Stay on Track with the CL-Class' Corrective Braking

    The updated for the 2011 model year CL-Class boasts not only revised design but also a bunch of new safety features. From now on, the luxurious CL-Class models will be equipped with an Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist.

    Blend advanced camera, radar, and sensors, and you'll get a new safety feature that can help a driver to avoid dangerous situations. The Active Lane Keeping Assist works pretty much like the similar system found on the 2011 Infiniti M. It uses a computer that analyzes images received from a camera mounted in the windshield. And if the vehicle shifts from its lane, the system alerts the driver by sending vibration through the steering wheel. If the driver pays no attention to the warning, the system will interfere with the driving process by gently braking the wheels on the opposite side of the vehicle. This helps the vehicle to stay in the right lane, because of a yaw movement caused by unequal distribution of braking forces.

    The second novelty, Active Blind Spot Assist, adds corrective braking to the standard blind spot assist feature. Using close-range radar sensors, the system monitors both blind spots. If a vehicle is spotted, a yellow warning indicator activates in the corresponding side mirror. Should the driver ignore the warning, the color of the indicator changes to red, and an audible warning is activated. Finally, if that doesn't help and the driver continues to move too close to a neighboring car, the system will active the corrective braking to change the car's path.