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    A part of the reason you love driving your C Class so much is the interior, which looks great from every angle. You want to keep those looks for as long as possible, which means you need to find a way to protect it from the sun shining down on it every day. The wear and tear that results from the sun is going to look uglier the more you allow it to build, so you need a solution. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we have a range of Mercedes C Class sun shades!

    It goes without saying that you expect high quality from all the accessories and equipment you buy, so we have brands like WeatherTech, Coverking and others, who are very well known within the industry for the quality that they produce. When you have a sun shade you can happily park your car wherever you like because you know that even if it is in the full sun it’s not going to be as hot as an oven when you get into it a few hours later. With all these features you might expect to pay a small fortune but we have fantastic prices!

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    2012 Mercedes C Class
    | Posted by | (Palm Springs, CA)

    Having a windshield reflector in Palm Springs is almost a necessity because of the number of days with triple digit temperatures and the intensity of the heat on the front windshield of a vehicle parked for any length of time in the Palm Springs sunshine. This Ultimate Reflector is just the product to protect the dashboard from the destructive heat and keep the steering wheel from burning your hands, and additionally, it helps to keep the interior up to 40 degrees cooler. This product is nicely made. The materials are top quality, and it's easy to unfold and place in the windshield area. It's really one of the best made reflectors around, and it really does work to cool an interior that would otherwise be scalding hot. Part of the steering wheel in my car is wood, and the times I have forgotten to or have been too lazy to place the reflector in the windshield, not being able to touch the steering wheel until the A/C had cooled the interior sufficiently, reminded me of why I needed to purchase this product and make use of it as well. It really does work, and this particular reflector shade is one of the nicest I've ever seen or owned. Buy it, because it's a quality product. Buy it, because it works. Frank T. Cote.

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