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    Mazda RX-8 Will Be Replaced by More Efficient RX-9
    Mazda RX-8 Will Be Replaced by More Efficient RX-9

    Mazda RX-8 will be replaced by a model carrying the super-smooth rotary engine featuring less thirst due to hybrid technology taken from Toyota. According to Mazda source in Japan, the development of the vehicle, named Mazda RX-9 is well underway. It is expected to roll out in late 2013. The model's exterior was inspired by 2010’s Shinari four-door coupé concept revealing flowing lines and sharp edges. Such styling expresses the agility, Mazda sports cars are already known for. The big changes make the RX-8’s innovative four-door set-up the thing of a past. Thanks to borrowed technology, the rotary engine is now a range-extender, a petrol motor capable of keeping a bank of lithium-ion batteries topped up.

    “Smaller, lighter, cleaner, more efficient and fun to drive. That’s where we want to take the next rotary car,” said Mazda source. Designed with light weight aspect in mind, the RX-9 will use new MX-5 platform utilizing with weight-saving SKYACTIV technology. The forthcoming RX-9 will play a second fiddle to the roadster though. According to Mazda source, they are intended to put the next generation MX-5 as the first priority, having only a few employees working on RX-9.