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    The Mazda MX-6 is a sports coupe that initially launched in 1987. Its chassis was closely related to the 626 and Ford Probe, as the three models shared the same GD platform. The MX-6 replaced the 626 in the lineup but continued to share the same characteristics. Under the hood was a 2.2L inline four-cylinder engine which got credit for producing up to 120 horsepower mated to a five-speed manual transmission with a five-speed automatic (with overdrive) available as an option. Also, a more powerful turbocharged 2.2L configuration was offered, as well, rated at around 145 horsepower. As for the model's dimensions, the Mazda MX-6 measured in with a wheelbase of 99 inches, a width of 66.5 inches, a height of 53.5 inches, and an overall length of 177 inches.

    For the first generation, four trim levels were available: base DX, LX, LE, and GT. The DX came with minimal standard features but the LX trim added power accessories and an optional electric moonroof. The LE (Leather Edition) showcased virtually the same amenities as the LX but with a standard leather interior. With the GT trim, drivers once again received most of the features from the LX as well as the turbocharged engine, four-wheel antilock disc brakes, and a three-way electronically adjustable suspension. Another highlight of the first-generation MX-6 was the optional four-way steering. The second run of the MX-6 rolled off the line in 1993. Using the upgraded GE platform, US versions of the vehicle were dubbed "A-spec." This time around, the base engine was a 2.0L inline four-cylinder (downgraded slightly to 188 hp). The higher-level engine was a 2.5L V6, which delivered 164 horsepower.

    Three trim levels were offered - the RS, LS, and LS M, which was a special edition of the LS. The RS was considered the base model and like the previous generation's DX, was equipped with the essential parts and not much more. The LS was deemed the "luxury" variant of the MX-6 and was equipped with alloy wheels, foglights, a rear spoiler, an optional CD stereo system, and either leather or cloth upholstery. LS M editions displayed a variety of distinctive Mazda parts including chrome scuff plates, gold alloy wheels, gold badging, red taillights, a three-disc CD changer, and the choice of three unique paint colors: burgundy, black, and white. 1995 saw Mazda order another round of updates to MX6 parts. New five-spoke alloy wheels, twin airbags, and an adjustment to the emissions were the main highlights.

    Mazda's MX-6 is a valuable reflection to what the company has always been capable of. The MX-6 knows nothing else but being the best dressed at the party. Where it really shines though is in the performance-zippy, economical, and accommodating. The MX-6 has the acceleration and handling that it takes to go the distance along with the kind of look that gets attention. Revered as one of Mazda's proudest achievements, the MX-6 still has a lot to say. carries a complete line of Mazda MX6 Accessories and Parts. Anything you need - interior, exterior, style, comfort, or protection can be found inside our selection. Dash kits, floor mats, spoilers, and chrome trim are just some of the options available to you. Plus, all of our Mazda MX6 accessories and parts are comprised of the highest quality materials and guaranteed to enact a precise OEM fit. Your vehicle is important. And it needs to display your sense of individuality. Mazda MX6 accessories make it happen.

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    Mazda MX6 Stays Favourable After 12 Years of Its Discontinuation
    Mazda MX6 Stays Favourable After 12 Years of Its Discontinuation

    Mazda MX6, a sports vehicle, was offered from 1987 to 1997. With its body style, being very familiar to Ford Probe, Mazda MX6 can still be found on the road. Most of people might be wondering why this vehicle was discontinued, when it was such a great one.

    With certain style redesign, Mazda MX6 was renamed Mazda Capella, and then changed its name again to Mazda Atenza in 2002. Back in the days, Mazda MX6 gave something to consider: great steering, comfort, high speeds, and stable driving. When it comes to sports car, you wouldn't actually beat boasting all these features found in one car. Another key selling point was that the MX6 was affordable, at least less costly than the Camaro as well as other sports cars during that decade of time. The speed was certainly the main reason for people to invest in the Mazda MX6.

    It's been 12 years already since the last MX6 rolled out, but these cars are still eye-catching, featuring a cool aura around. These sports vehicles are often noticed with aftermarket wheels or aero-kits, which surely add even more coolness to them. Mazda MX6s are often found in Cananda and south of the boarder priced under $5,000 unless customized.