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    Mazda MPV: the Seatbelt Lawsuit
    Mazda MPV: the Seatbelt Lawsuit

    Mazda will be sued, because a woman died wearing a seatbelt across her lap while riding 1993 Mazda MPV minivan. According to Autoguide, the High Court ruled the lawsuit to go ahead. The woman's family insists on suing Mazda Motor of America Inc. since 1993 Mazda MPV minivan featured only lap seatbelts (without shoulder belts) in the middle seat of the van's second row. A woman, whose surname is Williamson, has died in a 2002 accident and her family claims that her body was jackknifed with the lap belt what caused mortal internal injuries.

    The Williamsons want the court to adjudge that Mazda was inadvertent for not installing the lap-and-shoulder belts, while the car company states that federal regulators actually gave an option of putting either shoulder-and-lap or lap seatbelts in the middle seats of a van.

    California Courts disregarded the Williamson case, taking into consideration the evidence from a 2000 decision, where Honda was the defendant in case of installing airbags in relation to automobile injuries. Both cases were led by Justice Stephen G. Breyer and even though he disagreed that cases were similar, airbags regulations didn't lead to filing of injury suits, while in the matter of seat belts regulators gave an order to apply a standard restraint system for all seats, convincing that it would be a result of increased safety. At last, the Government adjusted the Supreme Court to avert the 2000 hearing of Geiger versus Honda, having allowed the Williamson's case to go on.