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    Mazda Reduces Weight for the Next-Gen Miata
    Mazda Reduces Weight for the Next-Gen Miata

    It was announced that Mazda set a strict 2,200 pounds limit for the next-gen Miata, but the new report tells about even more weight savings.

    “Mazda engineers have been tasked with trimming a substantial 720 pounds from the current car’s 2,480 curb weight. That means the next-gen Miata will tip the scales at just 1,760 pounds, greatly undercutting the original car’s weight of 2,178 pounds,” reported the Inside Line.

    The automaker is going to trim the Mazda Miata's body using high-strength steel, a smaller engine, and a minimalistic interior. The next generation Miata will be equipped with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbocharged direct-injected engine. The current version has a 2.0-liter power unit.