Mazda Hoods

Many of the hoods you'll find atop the engine compartment of a Mazda share a lot of the same dimensions. They're all fairly compact in their dimensions and tie into the front headlight and grille quite nicely. Each is unique in its own way, but there's no mistaking the similarities when you're standing on the lot at a Mazda dealership. The problem that most of you are now facing is probably justifying the price of a dealer hood, compared to aftermarket and used junkyard units. You don't need to feel like you're skimping on quality by making an aftermarket hood purchase with us today.

We stock parts that are the best in the business. Consider buying a Replace hood and saving 25-50% off dealer pricing – plus the 20% pricing offered with us daily. Replace will warranty your hood for as long as YOU own the vehicle. They utilize the latest technology and hire the best experts in the business to work for them. Each hood will undergo stringent quality checks and are made to exact OE standards. They fit like your old hood, and look good as new after a paint-matching topcoat is applied. These are new and won't rust like a used one will.

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