Mazda Exhaust Tips

CARiD stocks a wide selection of Mazda exhaust systems. A good performance exhaust system facilitates generation of extra power, benefits in fuel economy and awesome sound. The Gibson Dual Extreme Aluminized Steel Cat-Back exhaust system for Mazda sold at CARiD is one such system. It is equipped with a super flow muffler and mandrel bent tubing system. This system significantly increases efficiency creating a minimal 5% exhaust flow restriction as opposed to above 35% in most stock exhaust systems. These high quality mufflers retain high sound quality and exhaust flow for the duration of the product. Sophisticated equipment is used to fashion the equipment. CNC mandrel benders bend the stainless steel tubing to ensure its shape and size is maintained along its length. Bending the pipes any other way causes a loss in diameter due to sharp bends thereby increasing restriction and hampering flow of exhaust fumes. In addition, Gibson Mazda exhausts are joined by a ‘slip fit’ mechanism. Each component fits naturally into the next components opening thereby reducing turbulence, so common in ‘ball-and- socket’ joints, which create backpressure.

Weapon-R supplies exhaust systems for Mazda models with high rpm engines. This exhaust system has an efficient exhaust header that creates a path for exhaust flow thereby optimizing engine power bands and peak power points. It has characteristic long tubing to enhance the torque gains and generation of high rpm power. The Weapon-R tubes are mandrel bent to enhance exhaust flow and given a glossy polish to accentuate the imposing looks of your car. If Weapon-R is not your fit, consider taking up a Flowmaster exhaust and catalytic converter. This exhaust system is engineered to comply with Federal environmental regulations on emissions and still deliver awesome performance, great sound and perfect looks. Its stainless steel tubing is also mandrel bent to ensure maximum exhaust flow for best engine performance.