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    The Mazda CX-5 is a fun car to drive around town. It’s spacious and roomy, giving you and your passengers ample legroom to relax as you travel. The Mazda CX-5 combines the luxurious comfort of a SUV and the fuel efficiency of a car. Its distinctive styling, agile nature and superb handling are to be admired and marveled at. It also has tremendous towing potential allowing you to pull a trailer without strain. CARiD stocks quality Mazda CX-5 trailer hitches from the best manufacturers in the business. Brands such as CURT, HIDDEN HITCH, TOW READY and DRAW-TITE among others have a strong reputation for quality production. They are designed to provide the best service for the longest time possible. They are made from premium materials and designed by top professionals to guarantee precision and safety. Each trailer hitch is specifically designed to fit a particular make and model.

    Mazda CX-5 trailer hitches are hardwearing in nature. They are designed to withstand all manner of terrain and weather conditions. They do no rust because a black powdered covering protects them from the effects of corrosion. Some of the products on offer include weight-bearing hitches, weight-distribution hitches and equalizing hitches for small and medium trailers. They also stock Gooseneck and 5th wheel hitches for pickup trucks and large trailers. Trailer hitches require proper balancing of the load to ensure stability on the road. Insufficient tongue weight is the primary cause of trailer sway. The installation process is not complicated. No adjustments are required. Trailer hitches are fully welded products designed to bolt onto your vehicle with minimal resistance. The manufacturers provide an instruction manual to help you through the process. They also provide accessories to aid the successful operation of the hitch. All you need is a set of the appropriate tools to set up the hitch in less than half an hour.

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    When you’re setting up your trailer with a new tow vehicle, several things need to be considered: the ball mount and ball must be rated to take the weight, and the ball has to be at the right height. Once you have determined the proper weight class, choose a ball mount of a high enough class for your trailer, and set up your ball mount and ball for proper towing....
    Mazda CX-5 was available in the following models:
    Grand Touring • GS • GT • Sport • Touring • GX • i • S