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Starter motors and alternators have a tough job. Starter motors are high-torque motors which must have the ability to turn over, or crank, an engine under varying weather and mechanical conditions. Without a functioning starter motor, you simply cannot start up a modern vehicle's engine.
By definition, an automotive battery is an electrochemical device that stores and provides electrical energy on demand. Electrical energy is produced inside the battery by a chemical reaction occurring between two dissimilar plates immersed in an electrolyte solution. When the battery is discharging, it changes chemical energy into electrical energy and releases...
Hybrids are everywhere these days and can be defined as, "any vehicle combining two or more sources of power which can directly or indirectly provide propulsion." Although all hybrid vehicles on the market today use batteries as one of the power sources, there are different mechanical layouts and operational approaches in the way electric motors function alongside...
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It powers 2400 watts RMS like a champ (1200.1 mono block / 300.4 channel). I got it professionally installed and let me be the first to tell you in case you don't know, you need to charge this before you get it installed! Take it to auto zone and tell them its a deep cell battery and you need it charged and they will do it for free and it takes like 5 hours. When i got it installed they built a wood frame enclosure and wrapped it in carpet that matched my trunk, then they screwed it to the back on my sub enclosure so it would stay put. It looks fantastic and fixed my power problems. Let me tell you DONT BUY A CAPACITOR, get a battery like this! I had one put in and replaced it with this, it all started when I got my car out of the shop from the latest upgrades and the door speakers would shut off and promptly phase back in after it was turned up really loud. After some research I found that my stock car battery was not giving sufficient power to my system and that was causing the problem, after I put this in it hasn't happened since. I would recommend it to anyone!

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