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    The Mazda 929 got its start as a midsize sedan and kept the body-size over its first few generations before closing out its time in production as a full-size. The model began production in the early 1970s and left the Mazda roster officially towards the end of the '90s. 1973 is when the Mazda 929 was initially introduced, outfitted with a 1.8L inline four-cylinder. Of course, the bigger story when it came to the engines was the 929's use of the rotary engine, which it shared with the Luce (the 929's Euro counterpart). Other engines during the model's first generation included a 2.0L inline four-cylinder (90 horsepower), a 2.2L Diesel (66 horsepower), and a 1.3L four-cylinder rated at 127 horsepower. 1982 welcomed in the second generation, showing off a variety of 2.0L inline four-cylinder configurations. The second-generation 929 was produced until 1986.

    1986 welcomed in another redesign for the 929 parts. Released for its third generation, the Mazda 929 was moved to the automaker's HC platform and saw a 3.0L V6 engine enter the lineup. The model didn't reach North America until 1988 and the only engine offered was the 3.0L. During this period, the 929 was offered as a four-door sedan and a four-door hardtop. When the 30.L V6 first made its debut, it was implemented with a single overhead cam (18 valves). A couple of years in, the engine was upgraded to a double-overhead cam with 24 valves, thus raising fuel economy. Other features such as antilock brakes and ventilated rear disc brakes were installed with the round of updates, as well. By 1990, V6 engines were used across the board outside of the US.

    The fourth generation of the Mazda 929 began making its way into US showrooms for 1991. This time around, the 929 was constructed off of the HD platform and presented a wider list of options for drivers to choose from including power accessories, antilock brakes, cruise control, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and a solar-vent to vent heat from the vehicle. By 1995, the model was beginning to be pulled back from North American markets to make way for the Millenia, Mazda's new flagship sedan. Even still, the 929 stayed in production for one more go-round in 1996. It was produced at a limited number due to sluggish sales but still boasted the 3.0L V6. Within a year, the model was dropped altogether from the lineup.

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    Mazda 929 Sold as Ferrari 400i GT Replica
    Mazda 929 Sold as Ferrari 400i GT Replica

    When searching on the German eBay, you can notice one weird advertisement with the following title: “Replika Ferrari 400i GT auf Mazda 929 HB Coupe Replica”. There was a probability that someone was trying to sell Ferrari based on the Mazda 929 Coupe, but according to Jalopnik, it is some kind of German humor, because that Mazda is not Ferrari 400i and it doesn't even look like one, excluding the badges on the vehicle.

    After all, the offered vehicle was nothing but Mazda 929 Coupe bearing Ferrari logos. The seller of this weird offering should have not noticed the difference between these two cars, considering Ferrari 400i GT Replica to be identical to Mazda 929 Coupe. It is rather interesting whether the seller has got any chances to get rid of this “Ferrari 400i GT Replica”, but apparently sticking a badge on the hood is not enough for the car to look like Ferrari. Whether it's a joke or not, this is an extraordinary way to sell the 929 premium sedan, Mazda's luxury flagship.