Maserati Exhaust Tips

Maserati is a luxurious sports car with an aggressively styled design and an engine that leaves nothing to chance. For such a vehicle, CARiD stocks equally sophisticated Maserati exhaust systems to match Maserati’s grand image. The Maserati quattroporte stainless steel cat-back exhaust system from BORLA is one such unit. Its straight- through muffler is designed in a manner that allows maximum outflow and velocity of exhaust gases while significantly reducing restriction in engine cylinders. The straight through muffler also reduces backpressure while at the same time absorbing sound waves. Its mandrel tubes are custom tuned to deliver the highest horsepower. In addition, it also produces a deep manly sound to go with the power of the engine. MagnaFlow provides the Maserati Street Series stainless steel cat- back exhaust system with a split rear exit. This high premium exhaust system is delivered with the aim of improving horsepower, fuel economy and providing great sounds. The stainless steel pipes are mandrel bent to avoid obstructions to exhaust gas flow. The exhaust gas flows through free-flow mufflers with smooth necks and straight through tubes.

All Maserati exhaust systems at CARiD produce great sound. The mufflers are fine-tuned to produce the smooth, powerful tone so characteristic of performance exhaust systems. The quality of sound produced is top class and remains so over time, because the acoustic materials are tightly packaged to ensure no sound degradation takes place over time. The Flowmaster exhaust system comes fully fitted with a duty round catalytic converter. It is manufactured using the best grade materials to facilitate compliance with federal environmental regulations regarding carbon emissions. These catalytic converters are also very durable. They are made from the best quality raw materials to ensure exemplary performance even in the future. They also come with a deep primal growl while at the same time eliminating the in-cabin drone common with inferior aftermarket exhaust systems.