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Maradyne High Performance Fans is a brand owned by Cleveland OH-based DCM Manufacturing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dreison International, Inc. Their other brands include SuperTrapp mufflers, Pow-R-Quik starters, Turbo air precleaners, and Air-O-Matic power steering, among others. Our Loyal Customers have been using Maradyne products for a while; here’s where you can see what they have to say.

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Showing 1-15 of 82 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 82 Products

    Maradyne is well-known for their electric radiator fan lineup. Changing over to an electric radiator fan is a great way to rid yourself of 20 lbs. of unnecessary weight, and gain some power. Simply put, you don’t need a fan of any sort most of the time. The natural airflow through your radiator at any speed over 20 mph or so is sufficient to keep your engine cool. Race cars, which never get asked to idle or chug through slow traffic, don’t have fans. Fans need power to spin them, and the more air they move, the more they consume, regardless of how they’re powered.


    Sure, the whole point of a viscous fan is that it decouples from the engine when the coolant temperature is low enough, saving on power. But when left to cool, it couples back to the engine as the silicone fluid inside runs back into the center. So you’re spinning at full revs right when you don’t need to: at engine startup. That’s that big rushing noise that goes away after 3-4 minutes in the morning. Even when the clutch lets the fan spin freely after warmup but before things get hot, it still takes power to spin those blades, as well as the parasitic losses in the belt and pulley.

    Maradyne also has a Marine products line: they have a line of marine cabin heaters, warmed by the engine’s cooling system and with 12V squirrel-cage fans, that are perfect for automotive uses. Add a fan to the back of that cold passenger van or RV. Or add a heater to that piece of construction equipment or ATV you’ve added canvas sides and a windshield to. These self-contained units need only a 12V connection and a pair of 5/8” rubber hoses to the engine to provide plenty of heat and defrost capability. They even can be ducted up to the windows, which is a safety plus for wintertime operation.

    Ever use one of those $20 12V air pumps? Sure, it got your tire filled up, eventually. But it got hot, it was noisy, and it took what seemed like forever to actually add any air to your truck tires. It was simply too small and too cheaply made. There’s no convenience like having a portable source of compressed air. And it’s even a necessity if you spend much time off-road or on the farm where electricity can be miles away. Maradyne’s Junior Jet pump is built to industrial standards, and will pump up a big tire in a short time without overheating, and do it after years of bouncing around in your spare tire well.

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    Excellent product, easy to install, arrived on time.

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