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Mallory Ignition is part of the Prestolite Performance conglomerate, although the original company goes back to supplying the auto industry since 1925. At one time, Marion Mallory held more patents than anyone except Thomas Edison. Prestolite also owns Mr. Gasket, Hays, Lakewood, ACCEL, Mallory Marine, and Prestolite Wire. Based in Cleveland, Mallory continues its domination of the performance market with a stream of innovative, race-winning products.

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    • Mallory® Dual Point Distributor
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      Dual Point Distributor by Mallory®. Add increased current capacity for a stronger spark, and reduced point wear with Mallory Dual-Point distributors. Individually-adjustable points maintain their dwell and timing longer, and...
      $385.61from $308.49 - $594.20
      # 2285
    • Mallory® Unilite Electronic Ignition Distributor
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      Unilite Electronic Ignition Distributor by Mallory®. This Distributors use Mallory's Unilite optical triggering module and can trigger a HyFire capacitive discharge ignition or be run with just a coil. They have an adjustable...
      $422.95from $338.36 - $614.91
      # 2286
    • Mallory® Comp S/S Distributor
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      Comp S/S Distributor by Mallory®. With a magnetic trigger and an adjustable mechanical advance mechanism on board, this distributor is popular for racing applications. For street applications, just add an adjustable vacuum advance.
      $394.03from $315.22 - $638.02
      # 2284
    • Mallory® Magnetic Breakerless Distributor
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      Magnetic Breakerless Distributor by Mallory®. Get rid of your antique points and condenser with a Mallory Breakerless distributor with Magnetic pickup. Use with a high-performance coil or a HyFire CD ignition box. Easy hookup.
      $508.54from $406.83 - $705.41
      # 2287
    • Mallory® Comp 9000 Front Drive Distributor
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      Comp 9000 Front Drive Distributor by Mallory®. Relocate the entire distributor to the front of the engine and gain clearance for any manifold or intake configuration. You’ll also need a Distributor Hole Plug for dry-sumped...
      # 2248
    • Mallory® 84 Series Billet Competition Distributor
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      84 Series Billet Competition Distributor by Mallory®. This racing distributor has 20° of mechanical advance rolled in by 2500 RPM. An adjustable flange version compensates for engines with non-stock deck height.
      $618.54from $494.83 - $665.48
      # 2245
    • Mallory® 85 Series Street Performance Distributor
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      85 Series Street Performance Distributor by Mallory®. Replace your worn-out distributor with this drop-in replacement from Mallory. It’s a direct replacement for GM HEI distributors on older non-computer-controlled cars and trucks.
      $354.00from $283.20 - $287.38
      # 2246
    • Mallory® E-Fire Electronic Advance Distributor
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      E-Fire Electronic Advance Distributor by Mallory®. E-Fire Distributors feature state-of-the-art, all-electronic advance distributors with a built-in rev limiting, boost-proportional retard, fully adjustable electronic rpm and...
      $682.20from $545.76 - $560.16
      # 2258
    • Mallory® Max-Fire Electronic Advance Distributor
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      Max-Fire Electronic Advance Distributor by Mallory®. Max-Fire Distributors feature state of the art, all electronic advance distributors with a built-in Multi-strike Capacitive Discharge ignition plus boost proportional retard,...
      # 2275
    • Mallory® Firestorm™ Dual Sync Distributor
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      Firestorm™ Dual Sync Distributor by Mallory®. This Distributors, used with the Firestorm ignition box provides the ignition capability you need for Coil-On-Plug engines, allowing you to provide capabilities like individual...
      # 2266
    • Mallory® Crank Trigger 65 Series Distributor
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      Crank Trigger 65 Series Distributor by Mallory®. This Distributors have the optimum in timing stability because the timing signal is based right off of the crankshaft. This means you’ll need a crank trigger wheel and pickup, and...
      $550.31from $440.25 - $461.69
      # 2253
    • Mallory® 75 Series HEI Distributor
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      75 Series HEI Distributor by Mallory®. Convert or replace your old distributor with a Hall-Effect-triggered distributor. An HEI-style coil provides the spark, even on non-GM vehicles.
      $679.39from $543.51 - $912.41
      # 2242
    • Mallory® 79 Series TFI Distributor
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      79 Series TFI Distributor by Mallory®. Dump your worn-out Ford TFI distributor for a fresh Mallory 79 Series distributor, regardless of whether your car uses the integral or remote style TFI module. TFI ignition still uses a...
      # 2243
    • Mallory® Single Magnetic Pickup Breakerless 84 Series Distributor
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      Single Magnetic Pickup Breakerless 84 Series Distributor by Mallory®. Breakerless system with single magnetic pickup to run a complete capacitive discharge ignition system. Includes Pro Cap or Stack Cap, and either a mechanical...
      # 2276
    • Mallory® 95 Series Distributor
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      95 Series Distributor by Mallory®. Retro or racing engines don’t rely on boxes full of electronics to keep the sparks flowing. This Mallory dual-point distributor is as plain-Jane as a black and white TV set.
      # 2247

    Distributors traditionally have done two things: The points provide energy to the coil, and decide exactly where in the crankshaft rotation to actually trigger the spark. A second function is to parcel the high-voltage spark out to the appropriate plugs. Although distributors are less common on new cars, there's a huge market for upgrades to older distributors to meet the demands of drivers who want the best performance. Mallory can supply you with a conventional, breaker-point ignition to replace your worn-out OEM piece, of course.

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    Real performance enthusiasts will do more than replace their points with a simple conversion. By dropping in a completely new distributor, you can gain the ability to change the advance curves. With so many parameters on modern engines being dictated by emissions and economy, it's not hard to improve both drivability and power with a few simple tweaks. Mallory's distributors use screwdriver-adjust vacuum advance cans, and mechanical advance mechanisms that are tunable by either a screwdriver, or the simple replacement of a couple of springs on the counterweights.

    A serious engine needs plenty of high-voltage spark to light the fires inside the combustion chamber. And with engines revving as high as they do today, it's impossible to keep the coil saturated with enough energy to fire across today's wide plug gaps. That's why Mallory makes ignition amplifiers, the Black Boxes (Okay, Mallory's boxes are red) that take the current from the points or trigger and stepping it up. Feeding a special coil with hundreds of volts instead of only the 12V from the battery is sure to provide a healthy spark.

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    • Mallory® - Distributor Installed

    The ultimate Black Box is Mallory's Firestorm. It does far more than step up the ignition pulses. Taking crankshaft position data from a late-model engine's crankshaft reluctor wheel, a crank-snout mounted reluctor ring or a Firestorm distributor, a Firestorm ignition system will not only provide current to the coil, it's a full-on engine management system, including datalogging, 3D timing maps, the ability to control the spark timing event independently for all 8 cylinders, launch control and a full-on graphic interface to a laptop or a handheld controller.

    This company has always been involved in the development of auto racing. Their ignition system first won the Pikes Peak Hill Climb on a Stutz in 1926, and since that time, success has been nothing less than remarkable. Driving the “Mallory Special," Wilbur Shaw finished second at the Indianapolis Speedway in 1933. Between 1961 and 1983, Mallory won more than 16 consecutive races at “The Brickyard." For years, the company has been involved in NASCAR, drag racing, and sprint car racing. And this passionate involvement of the Mallory's experts is what keeps the company at the forefront of the industry. Engineered by the racers and for the races, Mallory products are ready to boost the performance of your vehicle.

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    Wire Spark
    1999 Chevy Silverado | Posted by Alan | (Bryan, OH)

    Fits perfect. Performs like original equip. Probably better. No issues at all...Would recommend. Why pay more elsewhere. Need one. Get this one you wont be sorry!

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