Lumarai Wheels and Rims

    Embodying luxury and strength in every single line, Lexus is one of the most elegant vehicles that are on the road today. Each single model is filled with everything but compromise, and requires only paramount accessories that combine quality and style. Lumarai wheels are skillfully crafted for Lexus only. Manufactured with excellence in mind and thoughtfully engineered to level up performance of your vehicle and your confidence, Lumarai rims are aggressively elegant, just like the Lexus you're driving.

    Lumarai Wheels Configurator

    Custom rims by Lumarai are born out of the necessity. Running custom wheels without a hub-centric ring is an issue, as cars get serious vibration from that. Offering an extra degree of precision, Lumarai rims are designed to be perfectly hub-centric for the Lexus vehicles, so you won't need a hub-centric ring to mount them. Lumarai offers the wheels that work with the stock tire pressure monitoring system, use flat seat wheel nuts, and accept Lexus center caps.

    Engineered with the sole purpose of being perfect for Lexus, Lumarai rims feature the optimum offset and ideal size options for the Lexus models. The rim fitments come in sizes ranging from 17'' to 20'', so there is no need for guesswork as Lumarai wheels fit perfectly. Designed for those who don't compromise on quality, Lumarai wheels meet the most rigorous quality standards set in the industry and the most exacting demands of the Lexus aficionados. Offering peerless handling, custom wheels crafted by Lumarai perform even when your vehicle stands still.