Lincoln Town Car Trailer Hitches

In as much as Lincoln cars have been around for many years, the Lincoln Town Car is one of the most recognizable models under its banner. This car was the first model to feature anti lock brakes, which ended up becoming a standard option in all the Lincoln cars thereafter. This is a car that still oozes class up top this day and as a Lincoln car it is also very comfortable. When you have some cargo that you want to transport on your Lincoln Town Car, you will find the Lincoln Town Car Trailer hitches from CARiD the ideal way to connect a trailer to the Town Car. When purchasing a hitch, settle for one that has a weight distributing aspect. This way, it will ensure that the weight is not on the back wheels of the car only. When in such a situation, you will find that your front wheels are lighter and stability reduced so that the car sways a lot. To avoid this at all costs, ensure that you keep to the recommend limitations of the hitch that you have bought from the manufacturer.

A trailer is only supposed to put 10% of the total weight that it is carrying on the tongue of the hitch. It is important to note this fact since this is the recommended weight that most cars can handle while in motion. If you do not ensure this, you will find out that your front tires are lighter, something that will make steering a challenge. You can have the option of shifting things around the trailer to make it stable but this is just a temporary solution. Having a much more stable trailer will make things easier. This is why it is best to ensure that you have the right trailer for your Lincoln Town Car.

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Lincoln Town Car Trailer Hitches Reviews
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1981 Lincoln Town Car
| Posted by | (Cisco, IL)

Only problem I had was a misunderstanding. I was informed they did not have the part I ordered and they did not inform me they were sending a replacement item. I appreciate their effort and the replacement is good quality and instructions for installation were good. I have the item installed and checked out although I have not actually pulled with the system yet ( hitch and wiring). I am well satisfied with quality, shipping time, instructions and appearance. I will order again if I need them.

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