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About Lincoln Blackwood Performance Air Intake Systems

Your Blackwood is comfortable enough to drive over long journeys and it has the room for whatever cargo you need to carry so it’s an important tool in your day to day life. As with any important tool that means that you need it to be running at its best and the easiest way to achieve this goal is by installing the right performance upgrades. You’ve reached the right place because we have a wide range of them at great prices and the perfect start is the Lincoln Blackwood air intake.

The air intake is an important component of your engine because it determines how much air will reach your engine which directly affects the performance. There are multiple different types of intakes with different benefits like the cold air intake which allows your engine to get cooler air that burns easier or the short ram intake that pushes a higher volume of air into your engine so there is more of it to burn. Because we have the information you need to make an informed decision and great prices on all our intakes you can easily make the right decision and then get value for your money!

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An intake manifold is an integrated assembly that sits atop the engine, consisting of a series of tubes which distribute fresh outside air to each and every cylinder. On V-shaped engine blocks, an intake manifold typically sits between the two cylinder banks while inline engines may feature a manifold to the side of the cylinder head. Intake manifolds serve as a...
Most aftermarket air filters are constructed from multiple layers of cotton gauze, which are sandwiched between wire mesh that is formed into pleats. The layers of oiled cotton fibers are able to trap dirt particles that are even smaller than the holes in the filter media. The airflow stays consistent between cleanings, for optimal combustion.
The easiest way to improve airflow to your engine is just by changing your stock air filter to an aftermarket performance air filter. There’s an aftermarket air intake system for every budget and every application. Even if you have a hot rod or custom car, or if your car’s just not listed in a catalog, you can still get a quality system. Everyone, regardless of...
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