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What makes a Lexus a Lexus is a unique approach to creating superior vehicles and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Lexus cars are precisely engineered with passion and a host of breakthroughs to satisfy drivers who are hungry for luxury and ferocious power. Ever since the first Lexus appeared on the market, the brand has gained a reputation for building exclusive, reliable vehicles. Lexus took a challenge to create amazing cars by pushing the boundaries of design and technologies. The company showcased its first model, the Lexus LS 400, in January 1989 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Over the decades of hand crafting, Lexus reveals a chic and elegant design with meticulous-to-detail silhouette.

The Lexus team manufactures every component with a wealth of technical expertise honed by years of experience. This careful attention to details resulted in building the prestigious LS 400 model that featured a powerful 4.0 L V 8-cylinder engine capable of 250 hp at 5600 rpm. Utilizing tomorrow's technologies coupled with continuous research and development, Lexus produces more and more sophisticated cars, including sedans, coupés, convertibles, crossovers, etc., which deliver pulse-quickening performance. The all-new new 2015 Lexus RC is no exception. The Lexus RC debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20, 2013. The striking concept-to-reality vehicle explores new frontiers for Lexus, with the most aggressive use yet of the iconic spindle grille. The RC’s sporting nature is evident in the high-performance V6 gasoline and hybrid powertrains, while high contrast interior colors and a unique new trim create a fun-to-drive environment.

The RC 350 perfectly combines aggressive styling with high performance. This vehicle offers a choice of two powertrains: 3.5-liter V6 matched to an eight-speed sequential transmission and 2.5-liter Lexus Hybrid Drive system. The engineers at Lexus have equipped the RC with Lexus Dynamic Handling System (LDH), which creates the optimum angles for all four wheels based on steering direction, vehicle speed, and driver input. The RC uses advanced double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension, which offers improved spring and shock operation and better steering response for greater stability and agility. The RC 350 F SPORT, based on the RC 350, is a high performance version of the RC which received exclusive design elements and enhanced driving performance.

Absolutely unique design amazes with deeply contoured body lines – never before seen in Lexus line-up. A lower, sleeker profile and wider stance make it fabulous from any angle. Gracefully flared fenders and large diameter tires further enhance its attractiveness. The awesome aluminum wheels are available in two configurations – a deeply sculpted 10-spoke 19-inch wheel or a muscular 5-spoke 18-inch version, featuring the world's finest precision machinery and finished with elegant platinum center caps. Inside, a specially designed Lexus lighting package provides distinct illumination of upwards, rather than downwards, thus enveloping the cabin. Also, the RC is jam-packed with hi-tech electronics, including Lexus’ innovative touch-sensitive remote touch interface, developed to link the driver more directly to the audio and navigation systems, an updated Blind Spot Monitor system, and more.

No matter how wonderful your Lexus RC already is, you can make it one of a kind with CARiD, your reliable assistant on the car parts and accessories market. We gathered only trustworthy names in one place, so you can choose superior accessories and parts specially designed for your Lexus RC. It's essential to keep your new car in top shape, that's why we carry such products as ultimate wax system standard kits, interior cleaner kits, automotive paints and more for your Lexus to look neat and tidy every day. Also, you'll be pleased with a great selection of 2015 Lexus RC accessories and parts, starting from superb seat covers and custom gauges to lights, exhaust system parts, brake parts, wheel covers, and many more. Whatever accessories and parts you choose, CARiD ensures unparalleled quality and long life.

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Whatever you expect from your Lexus RC, a bold look, mind-boggling performance, greater ride comfort, or safer driving, CARiD goes the extra mile to meet all your needs. Our extensive range of premium accessories and parts covers all the bases, whether you want your vehicle to be more powerful, smarter, fun to drive, or just need to restore it to original condition. We know how to throw a classy appeal into your Lexus RC and keep it providing the best performance, so trust us and get the greatest bang for the buck!

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