Lexus LX Performance Brakes

The LX has the ability to take you to almost any destination you can think of so it’s lucky that it’s also comfortable enough to drive all day. Whether you’re driving it to work or you’re taking it off the paved roads and away from civilization you need to make sure that it’s running at its best so you’re looking for the right performance upgrades. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we have everything you need and our Lexus LX brakes, pads and rotors are perhaps the most important starting points.

Your brakes are obviously important on the road but they’re also important to your budget because the right aftermarket brake set up can save you maintenance costs in the long term. We offer some of the most trusted brands in the industry including Brembo, EBC and Hawk which means that the components you purchase will be backed by years of knowledge and experience with some of the most proven technologies in the world of brakes. Because we offer everything at great prices you know you’re getting value for money and installing the right braking set up is a decision that you’ll never regret!

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