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When making purchases, many people rely on a classic rule: the more expensive it is - the better in quality it is, and vice versa. However, this is a misleading notion, and it can result in some very poor choices on your behalf. This especially applies to the aftermarket, where parts are very expensive, sometimes even costing as much as the car itself. In this market, many dealers have flourished, giving customers inferior products for high prices. You probably understand that this is a real danger for consumers, so you should learn all the information that you can about the product that you are going to buy, and then you’ll be able to tell its quality. Another good option you can choose to get the finest products for a fair price is by purchasing from a trusted supplier like CARiD, where the Lexus GX side mirrors sold are unsurpassed.

All of these mirrors perform their main function perfectly, letting you make turns, change lanes, back up, and park with ease. However, you can get something even better by purchasing mirrors with special functions. The first type you can choose from are power mirrors, which are fully automated and can be easily adjusted by the driver without getting out of his seat. Heated mirrors are good for driving in chilly weather, as they keep snow, ice and frost off the mirror. Folding mirrors are very handy, letting you drive through the narrowest streets.

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It's a dismaying feeling seeing side view mirror components damaged. Whether you know how the damage happened or not, you're faced with what might be an extensive, costly repair and the dreaded hassle of figuring out what replacement parts are necessary - or where to go for the repair. Maybe just the glass is cracked, or perhaps the whole assembly is hanging...
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