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If you are looking for style and luxury in your next vehicle, then consider the Lexus GS mid size sedan. It has a strong engine, fine tuned suspensions and superb handling. The cabin area is spacious and luxurious, designed to provide the best in riding comfort. Equipping it with the appropriate set of tires is vital to maintain performance and control. CARiD has in stock a wide selection of the best quality tires in the market. They stock Lexus GS tires from the most reputable brands in the country including Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Nexen, Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli among others. These tires are produced using innovative techniques to guarantee the final product meets with the stringent standards set by the industry. The different types of tires on offer include summer tires, winter tires, all season tires and all terrain tires. Summer tires are designed to promote excellent performance in dry weather conditions. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire has improved hydroplaning resistance and enhanced stability and control.

Commuter travel may not require a very elaborate tire since freeways and most neighborhood roads are all paved. However, long distance traveling will require a set of all terrain tires to tackle the rough tracks associated with the countryside and the great outdoors. The Nexen N7000 tire has amazing capability on rough roads, facilitates reduced noise and improves fuel economy. Alternatively, install the Pirelli P Zero run-flat tire to cater for those occasions when the tire is damaged by sharp objects on the road. Lexus GS tires should always be in top condition to ensure good performance and great ride quality. Aging and worn out tires have an adverse effect on hydroplaning resistance and safety. Worn out tires have more porosity and greater leakage compared to newer tires and have a higher risk of experiencing a blow out and punctures. Installing TPMS sensors will help you monitor air pressure and temperature in a competent manner.

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If you’re looking to improve the off-road capability of your 4X4, or simply want to give it a tougher look, larger, more aggressive tires are most likely on your wish list. To accommodate the larger tire, we’ll need to increase the height between the vehicle frame and the axles with a lift kit. Here are several advices to get the right lift kit.
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Replacing a standard size steel wheel with the same size of cast light alloy wheel improves performance and road-holding considerably, without any reduction in comfort. Further improvement in road-holding comes with increased wheel size, combined with a corresponding reduction in the height of the tire walls, a procedure called “Plus-Sizing”.
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