Lexus GS Tire Chains

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    • Thule® Easy-fit Tire Chains
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      # 994
      Easy-fit Tire Chains by Thule®. Sold in pairs. These tire chains are the easiest to install ever created: just 3 steps and you're ready to drive safely and in control over ice and snow covered roads. No complicated process, no...
    • Thule® K-Summit Tire Chains
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      # 1000
      K-Summit Tire Chains by Thule®, Sold in pairs. These snow chains are the easiest to mount, they provide maximum grip on snow and ice, and they won't interfere with mechanical components behind the wheels. The ratcheting system and...
    • Spec-D® Snow Socks
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      # 1786821
      Universal Snow Socks by Spec-D®, Size: 62". This is a set of two Parking stopper made by PVC plastic. These Parking stoppers are 30 cm each, and they have the ideal size for stopping your front tires when you park. These Parking...
      The most unique and useful accessories to improve your driving experienceLimited 6-month warranty

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    Videos on the internet from all across the world can be found that show cars and trucks sliding out of control on icy roads. While these clips are sometimes entertaining to watch, there's nothing funny about driving in these terrible weather conditions. If you live in a heavily populated area, sliding into a series of parked cars can cost a lot of money. And you...
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