Lexus CT Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

    About Lexus CT Roof Racks

    The CT is luxurious and comfortable enough to make even the longest journeys enjoyable and the unique engine set up means that it’s perfect for those long journeys. Of course, whether you’re just going out for the day or you’re going away on a much needed vacation you quickly discover that you can run out of storage space so our range of Lexus CT roof carriers are the perfect solution. They can make each journey more comfortable by giving you more storage space than you know what to do with!

    Because we have a wide range of roof bars and other carriers you can find exactly what you need to suit your specific purposes. There are a number of different types of carriers like the general box carrier that gives you room to carry your towels, clothes or anything else or the specialized equipment that makes it easy to take your bikes and kayaks with you. Because we have so many different solutions you can find exactly what you need and once you have the right one for your lifestyle you’ll wonder how you ever managed to get by without it!

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    Lexus CT was available in the following models:
    Base • F Sport