Land Rover Range Rover Trailer Hitches

Having a small business is a great accomplishment for any person. If your small business is local, then you will most likely need to move equipment to and from your store front or warehouse. Instead of using moving trucks weekly or monthly to move large and small equipment, trailer hitches and a trailer of your own can do the same without the added costs. Take a look at Land Rover Range Rover trailer hitches to find one that has a high enough weight capacity to move the equipment you need. The lowest class of trailer hitches has a weight capacity of 2000 lbs while the highest has a total capacity of over 10000 lbs. There are a total of 5 classes that you should consider before making any final decision. Also, where you only undertake small, light shipments, try one of CARiD’s cargo carriers. One such is the Universal Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier, which has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and a platform of 20x60 inches.

For other businesses that need to transport larger items like machinery or equipment, trailers are a great idea. Your small business can get a small, medium, large or extra large trailer to load up your equipment for fast and effective transportation. Using a trailer and trailer hitches with your Range Rover also will save you time instead of having to wait around for a moving company to have drives available. Choose the class type that can handle the needs of your small business and be on your way. There are five classes to choose from. Class 1 has a limit of 2000 lbs. A Class 2 trailer hitch can handle up to 3500 lbs. A Class 3 has a weight limit of 5000 lbs. Hitches that support up to 10000 lbs fall under Class 4 and anything over 10000 lbs is a Class 5 trailer hitch.

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