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    The Land Rover LR4 is the fourth generation in the Land Rover Discovery line. The Land Rover Discovery itself is a mid-size sport utility vehicle manufactured by the British automaker Land Rover since 1989. Its first generation shared the chassis and drive-train with the Range Rover, still it became the only Discovery generation equipped with the 4-cylinder engine. The vehicles were available in a 3- and a 5-door version, both fitted with 5 seats. The Land Rover Discovery entered the American market in the 1994 model year. And ten years later, in 2004, the Land Rover unveiled the Discovery 3, known in North America as the Land Rover LR3, which was the first vehicle in the lineup to be provided with a rear locking differential. In 2009 the updated version of the LR3 was introduced on the North American market under the Land Rover LR4 name.

    The Land Rover LR4 made its debut at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. The vehicle is available in GS, XS, and HSE trims. The new Land Rover LR4 differs from its predecessor LR3 by all-new 5.0-liter engine from Jaguar Land Rover's range. This 5-liter V8 engine with direct petrol injection makes 375 hp. The engine response is improved due to use of variable camshaft timing. An improved version of ZF 6-speed automatic transmission transfers power to the sophisticated four-wheel drive system. The Land Rover LR4 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds, that is not bad taking into account that the car weights nearly 6,000 pounds. Due to electronically controlled air springs, the fully independent suspension automatically adapts to the off-road ride. The on-road handling is improved through the use of anti-roll bars and more powerful brakes, shared with the Range Rover Sport. The standard electronic systems include dynamic stability control, four wheel electronic traction control, and Terrain Response system that allowed to choose ride, throttle response, traction control and transmission setting. The new Trailer Stability Assist System adjusts throttle and brakes in order to prevent swaying trailer.

    The Land Rover LR4 shares its integrated body frame structure, body-colored bumpers, and wheel arches with the Land Rover LR3. The restyled front light units and LED headlights, new grille, and more aerodynamic bumper echo the same rounder and smoother style of the 2010 Range Rover parts. The Land Rover is fitted with new 19-inch wheels optimized for rolling resistance. The redesigned interior includes updated instrument cluster and single TFT screen, new center console equipped with redesigned switches and controls. The seat design and range of interior materials are borrowed from the Range Rover models.

    The Land Rover LR4 has inherited an iconic design heritage of the previous generations, including clean and geometric lines. The Land Rover LR4 distinctive design with smoother lines and subtle curves enhances the imppression of premium quality vehicle. The advanced technologies simplify the operation and make the journey more relaxing. The fully independent suspension with electronic control and sophisticated four-wheel drive system provide the LR4 with class-leading off-road capability. The Land Rover LR4 is currently one of the most desirable sport utility vehicles on the automotive market. Still a viable presence on the road to this day, drivers of the Land Rover LR4 tend to add on their own custom accessories and parts to further the legacy.

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    Land Rover LR4 Recognized as a Leader in Total Quality
    Land Rover LR4 Recognized as a Leader in Total Quality

    Strategic Vision Inc. presented the results of their 2011 Total Quality Index® survey. This research shows the understanding of the consumer's definition of “Quality”.

    According to this research buyers are being asked questions that cover all the aspects of their buying, owning and driving experience. It also includes wide variety of aspects like customers’ commitment to advocacy and vehicle loyalty. According to this research the Land Rover LR4 scored the first place in the category of the Near-Luxury SUVs.

    “For the Land Rover to rank as leader in Total Quality is the validation that we offer an exemplary entire ownership experience, from the vehicles' quality and performance, to the buying and ownership experience,” said Andy Goss, President, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC. “This recognition highlights the enormous passion and pride our employees, dealers and customers have for Land Rover vehicles.”

    “When customers explicitly state ‘I love [this of that] about my vehicle,’ it results in increased sales,” says Alexander Edwards, the President of Strategic Vision. “We explicitly measure the emotional impact of each vehicle attribute and ask the customer what they Love about their vehicle.”

    The Total Quality Index® is calculated according to the buyers who bought 2011 models during a three months period.