Land Rover County Classic Car Covers

About Land Rover County Classic Car Covers

The Land Rover County Classic is a strong and huge off roader vehicle. It has an aggressive styling design portraying an imposing image on the freeways. It has great ride quality and is quite spacious, accommodating at least five people and their luggage comfortably. CARiD stocks a wide range of Land Rover County Classic car covers catering for most weather conditions. These covers are available for both indoor and outdoor usage. They are all breathable preventing the occurrence of greenhouse effects, which damage the cars bodywork. They are also CAD-designed providing perfect fitment for specific make, model and year of manufacture. Land Rover County Classic car covers are made from top grade materials to ensure durability and reliability. Most of them have a silver coating to reflect the harmful UV rays of the sun. They have a fleece like inner material for reinforcement while the inner fabric is soft to protect the cars finish. With these car covers, your County Classic is well protected against heat, UV ray invasion, natural precipitation, hail and windy conditions.

Land Rover County Classis car covers are water resistant, repelling moisture, rot and mildew. They also provide theft protection. The car cover prevents thieves from accessing items inside your vehicle. Their precise fit over every curve makes removing the car cover a time consuming exercise, increasing the probability of detection. For that reason, vehicles donning car covers are rare targets for theft. In addition, have a set of custom-made mirror pockets to protect your side mirrors from damage. A lock and cable kit also comes in handy. This kit prevents the illegal removal of the car cover from the vehicle. It also prevents the theft of the car. To prevent scratching the bodywork the cable is given a vinyl coating. The lock is also waterproofed to prevent corrosion or rusting.

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