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The Lamborghini Gallardo beautifully combines its sporty looks with a muscular structure in an awe-inspiring style. It has a powerful suspension and wide structure providing crucial stability and minimal body roll around sharp bends. For such a magnificent machine, CARiD has top quality car covers to guard against deterioration of its structural integrity. Car covers are made for indoor usage as well as outside parking. Both are designed to provide precise fitment specific to the make, model and year of manufacture. They are durable and reliable providing protection against atmospheric precipitation, ultra violet rays of the sun and hail. They also protect your bodywork against tree sap, bird droppings and falling tree twigs. They are made from a full-length material to guarantee a stylish design. Other manufacturers use chopped up patterns to save on material. The downside here is that you compromise quality and increase the likelihood of leakages due to an increase in the number of patches used.

Lamborghini Gallardo car covers are breathable. They prevent the ‘greenhouse effect’ by allowing evaporation of moisture from the car cover. In addition, they do not trap heat underneath. They are designed to repel moisture, rotting and mildew. Gallardo car covers also provide protection against theft. To secure your vehicle further, you may acquire a lock and cable kit to safeguard the car cover. This kit guarantees that no one can remove your car cover in your absence or without your consent. It ensures no one has access to your valuables inside the car. The lock cable is coated with vinyl to protect your magnificent bodywork from scratches, while the lock is made from waterproofed brass material to reduce the effects of rusting and corrosion. Take time to consider your specific circumstances in terms of storage and climate in your location. These considerations will help you make the right choice regarding the car cover you need.

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    • Coverking® Satin Stretch™ Custom Car Cover
      (12 reviews)
      Satin Stretch™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Recommended for interior use only, this luxurious cover fits every curve of your vehicle like its second skin. Fully breathable, it saves your ride from mold, mildew and moisture...
      $229.26from $183.41 - $510.39
      # 872
    • Covercraft® NOAH™ Custom Car Cover
      (26 reviews)
      NOAH™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This cover is designed to provide maximum outdoor protection from acid rain, UV rays, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, and other airborne contaminants. 4 layers of non-woven fabrics...
      $238.20from $190.56 - $370.74
      # 2340
    • Coverking® Autobody Armor™ Custom Car Cover
      (6 reviews)
      Autobody Armor™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Maximum water resistance and breathability, as well as sufficient stretch to fit like a glove and UVR-protection. This sounds too good to be true, but not for a custom created...
      $318.99from $255.19 - $637.99
      # 869
    • Coverking® Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover
      (24 reviews)
      Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. The highest possible density of fabric microfiber results in natural water-resistance and UVR-resistance without any protective coatings needed, that could increase the risk of the...
      $239.24from $191.39 - $534.31
      # 870
    • Coverking® Coverbond 4™ Custom Car Cover
      (12 reviews)
      Coverbond 4™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Built of four layers, this type of cover delivers breathability, both indoor and outdoor protection against UV rays, dust and pollutants and even light hail. Not only that – it will...
      $129.58from $103.66 - $263.16
      # 873
    • Coverking® Mosom Plus™ Custom Car Cover
      (2 reviews)
      Mosom Plus™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Suitable for indoor-outdoor use, it outlines every curve of your car and fits perfectly. Providing an outstanding barrier against rain, Mosom Plus Car Cover cares about the delicate...
      $149.51from $119.61 - $295.06
      # 882
    • Covercraft® Fleeced Satin Custom Car Cover
      (14 reviews)
      Fleeced Satin Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. Keep your vehicle in pristine condition with this high-class product. Manufactured from soft yet durable fleeced satin, the cover is perfect for indoor and limited outdoor use and will...
      $253.19from $202.55 - $382.52
      # 4158
    • Coverking® Triguard™ Custom Car Cover
      (11 reviews)
      Triguard™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Recommended for use under light weather conditions. It shows outstanding performance outdoors, protecting your car against water, sun and weather. The material Triguard™ Car Cover...
      $99.68from $79.74 - $207.34
      # 881
    • Covercraft® Carband™ 360° Protection Cover
      (0 reviews)
      Carband™ 360º Protection Cover by Covercraft®. Give your vehicle complete protection from car doors, shopping carts and bicycles with the Carband 360º Protection Cover. The Carband is a strip of impact absorbing material in a...
      $323.75from $259.00 - $349.00
      # 1269
    • Covercraft® WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover
      (14 reviews)
      WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This cover is designed specifically to give an extremely high level of UV protection in the most sun-intense environments. Its dense construction sheds water completely and...
      $316.04from $252.83 - $545.45
      # 2357
    • Covercraft® Block-It™ 200 Custom Car Cover
      (15 reviews)
      Block-It 200™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This is one of Covercraft’s most lightweight and inexpensive car covers designed primarily for indoor storage and limited outdoor use. 3 layers of non-woven fabrics include an...
      $134.09from $107.27 - $185.66
      # 2335
    • Covercraft® Dustop™ Custom Car Cover
      (16 reviews)
      Dustop™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This is an indoor-only cover designed for the finest of automotive paint finishes that offers Covercraft’s highest level of dust resistance. 4 layers of non-woven fibers block virtually...
      $221.81from $177.45 - $325.46
      # 2337
    • Covercraft® Evolution™ Custom Car Cover
      (21 reviews)
      Evolution™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This outdoor all-weather car cover provides Covercraft’s highest and best level of protection from the sun’s UV rays as well as tree sap, bird droppings, minor hail, and door dings...
      $205.11from $164.09 - $294.17
      # 2338
    • Covercraft® Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover
      (15 reviews)
      Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This outdoor cover features acrylic fiber construction and provides Covercraft’s highest possible level of UV sun protection and breathability. Also offers strong protection against...
      $450.46from $360.37 - $634.60
      # 2343
    • Covercraft® Block-It™ 380 Custom Car Cover
      (17 reviews)
      Block-It 380™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This cover is designed with an advanced Kimberly-Clark film barrier that provides an excellent combination of lower cost and lighter weight. Also provides better than average outdoor...
      $173.34from $138.67 - $244.44
      # 2336

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    Just as with an indoor cover, if you regularly drive your car you’ll want a cover that is light and easy to handle, whereas a cover for long term storage can be heavier. If you live in a rainy humid region you’ll want a cover that sheds water, dries quickly and is breathable so moisture can escape. Areas with intense sunlight will require a cover with maximum...
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