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Currently, Lakewood is a major supporter of IHRA and UMTR racing events and draws on a wealth of engineering talent from being part of the Prestolite Performance group. You will find, as our customers do in their reviews, that Lakewood products provide sophisticated ride comfort, long-lasting reliability, and OEM quality fit while delivering the handling improvements you expect after dropping your suspension.

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CARiD is proud to offer the best values you’ll find on the full range of Lakewood bell housings, coilovers, flex plates, safety shields, spacers, structural braces, lowering kits, driveline products, suspension hardware, and more. All are designed to add chassis balance, grip, and stability during launch and at speed. And because Lakewood has the old-fashioned belief that products that can’t sustain hard use are not worth building, they take every effort to ensure all of their products are made from high-grade materials and protected with finishes that will help maintain their integrity over a long period of time.

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If you have a rear-wheel-drive muscle car, chances are good it was built before today’s knowledge was gained about structural rigidity and how it enhances cornering, stability, and overall grip off the line. Powerful motors and grippy tires can have a frame-twisting effect under cornering and heavy throttle situations – especially on convertibles with minimal structural bracing to compensate for loss of roof. Because your classic muscle car is too valuable to compromise, Lakewood offers a number of structural braces designed to reinforce suspension components that have a natural tendency to shift position.

Lakewood offers a number of replacement suspension components designed to be length adjusted with lowered vehicles in mind. For starters, there’s a Panhard rod with length adjustability to keep your rear axle centered and aligned at a variety of ride heights. Torsion bars and anti-sway bars reduce body roll in corners better than OEM equipment, and they are built with multiple mounting holes to vary stiffness. Adjustable Toe Links allow easy correction of alignment toe settings, and tubular control arms can even be adjusted in 2 separate spots to fine tune pinion angles.

Lakewood offers high quality shock absorbers and struts purpose built for many different levels of driving. For those who use their vehicles on the drag strip only, “90/10” front shock absorbers and struts are designed so that 90% of their resistance is applied to compression, and only 10% goes to rebound. That translates to virtually no upward resistance, so your vehicle’s front end rises up immediately to the fullest position. It stays there longer because the 90% compression factor causes the front to drop extremely slowly as you make your way down the track.

For heavy-duty launches, Lakewood offers traction bars for rear- and front-wheel-drive vehicles. For front wheel drive vehicles, the G-Sport Pro Traction Bar features a cross brace mount from left to right that uses tow hook locations on the vehicle frame. Two radius bars run from the center of the cross bar to mount at each front control arm base. For rear-drive applications, Traction Action traction bars bolt on in place of original lower control arms. They’re designed with relocated pivot points that use existing axle torque pressure to lift the vehicle chassis upward while forcing rear wheels downward under acceleration. Tires make firmer contact with the pavement to enhance grip off the line, reduce wheel hop, and provide a much faster straight line launch. They’re even legal for NHRA stock eliminator classes when bolted on. For serious track use, Competition Traction Bars are Lakewood’s strongest traction bars, built for high-powered competition vehicles that aren’t driven on the street. An optional J-bolt kit (sold separately) builds on the effectiveness of these traction bars for even more performance. Street/Strip Traction Bars allow adjustments for use on the street and the track. And if you’re interested in traction bars that provide show car looks, a Universal Street/Strip version offers a choice of chrome plating, yellow powdercoat, or black powdercoat finishes.

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This item was priced right and shipped very quickly, and bring a Lakewood item I knew it be a superior product. I am very satisfied with the item and CARiD.

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