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Your Kia Soul is sure an eye-catcher! People see you driving down the road and they're just not quite sure whether it's a car or a compact crossover. The designer of this new Kia feature conceptualized the design as being a “powerful boar wearing a backpack”. While you might see your Soul as something completely different, the uncompromising nature of each design feature makes it a great car to drive. The “batwing-shaped” hood meshes with every part and body panel on the front of your car, and there's no other hood like it on any other car out there.

Replace makes a perfect-match aftermarket hood for your Soul that promises to look just as good, fit just as it should, and cost a fraction of what the dealer would charge you for a factory OEM panel. You can order an unparalleled aftermarket replacement hood for your car today, and when it arrives at your door, you'll appreciate the craftsmanship that's went into making it. Primer painted finish to protect its surface, pre-tapped installation holes for easy installation, and rust-resistant OEM quality sheet metal that was cold rolled to give it the best shape and superior dent and buckle protection in low-impact collisions. You'll never regret saving hundreds of dollars either!

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