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Some of the elite, premium quality Kia Optima replacement grilles found on our site include the N-Dure Grille Assembly. These kits comprise of a heavy gauge and top grade stainless steel shell and inserts. They are made for all types of applications using the latest and most innovative technologies for enhanced toughness and everlasting durability. The polished surfaces further enhances their efficiency as it keeps them protected from all the harsh environmental factors such as sunlight and acidity; thus keeping them stylish and elegant looking for a very long time. Indeed you will enjoy a day in day out brilliant shine that even transforms the overall look of your car, for that desirable first impression. The mesh grille design further enhances the look of your car and even accentuates its performance with increased airflow. You don’t have to worry about the quality as you will get a 2-year N-DURE limited warranty. A smooth, quick installation ensures that you get to enjoy these kits as soon as possible.

Also prominently featured at our shop is the Patriot Stainless Steel Grilles from Putco. These Kia Optima replacement grilles are made from the mirror finish NeveRust™ Stainless Steel; which features an extra-sturdy, heavy gauge design for extra resilience, strength and maximum durability. The mirror polished finish guarantees a year in year out brilliant shine that doesn’t fade even after many years. They are crafted to fit flawlessly over the factory fit grilles ensuring that you don’t have to remove or cut out any parts. For a super quick and easy installation all the necessary tools and detailed instruction are included. You also don’t have to doubt their quality which is backed by the Putco's NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty, which covers all types of scrapes and damages for as long as you want.

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