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    Kelly Tires was established in 1894. Beginning in 2010, Kelly Tires made the exciting jump from limited distribution to nationwide sales. Kelly Tires manufacturers over 54 brands of tires for cars, trucks, farm and commercial vehicles, producing tires with exceptional casing that can be retreaded. Kelly Tires provide long-lasting and affordable tire performance. With exceptional tread-life on Kelly Tires ensures that vehicles will provide a sharp handling, comfortable experience for up to 70,000 miles on select models!

    Today Kelly Tires is the oldest tire brand in the U.S., leading the tire industry with over a century of experience. Its history traces all the way back to horse and buggy carriage wheels, and the century of knowledge that the company gained since then is reflected in each and every tire it produces.

    Kelly Tires tradition of offering good deals on great tires continues living on today with programs like 30-Day Test Drive, which grants customers 30 days to really commit to their tire choice. Kelly tires are a smart choice for drivers who value good handling and a smooth ride.

    Kelly Tires is a part of the Goodyaer Tires and Rubber Company, headquarted in Akron, OH, which employs approximately 73,000 people in 22 countries and produces nearly 200 million tires each year. Kelly Tires is for drivers who need tires that do not compromise comfort on their car, truck or SUV.

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    Have had these on my Patrol for 50,000km various surfaces, black stuff, dirt, sand, and mud. Survived Cape York corrugations and the developmental road with ease and was excellent under lowered pressure on the OTT. Low to moderate, noise on highway. Good wear so far, still have 10mm depth and am yet to puncture or any other issues, regular pressure checks & wheel balancing has probably helped. No chipping as opposed to others traveling same route on other high profile brand where cracks and lugs missing.

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    Understanding Tires

    There is a lot of information on the sidewall of a tire. Typically, you'll find UTQG ratings for treadwear, traction and temperature, the size of the tire, the load rating index number with a speed rating index, the construction type (bias or radial), the D.O.T. compliance code, and construction details. On some tires used as original equipment, you may also find a marking that indicates its OE status.

    Understanding Tires

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