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    The stylish and uncompromising Wrangler is an exemplary Jeep, drawing its lineage to the original Willis Jeep of the US military of the WWII era, through the post-war civilian CJ series. This compact SUV, introduced by the brand in 1986 to replace the long-running and loved CJ model, is an attempt to make the hardcore off-road 4x4 more appealing to the general public with better features, more refinement and better safety. And judging by the popularity of the Wrangler there’s been some success – this distinct, handsome-looking and reliable SUV, boasting the Jeep’s most sophisticated off-road drivetrain technologies, is a real hit in its market niche and is a sport utility of choice for many die-hard 4x4 enthusiasts and casual SUV drivers alike.

    If you feel your Wrangler’s cabin needs a bit more sophistication or, on the other hand, more practicality to it, feel free to tailor it to your needs with our store’s selection of Jeep Wrangler interior parts. Anything ranging from a total cabin overhaul to a tiny electric switch replacement is easier when you have a broad selection of top-notch aftermarket parts to pick from. We’ve got the finest items for your Jeep’s interior, so feel free to unleash your inner designer and make your SUV’s cabin into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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